How to Get a Free Renters Credit Check

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A renters credit check usually costs a fee for a potential landlord to check your credit. When you are trying to rent an apartment, it’s not a good idea to apply to every place that you see. Every time that someone does a credit check on you, it shows up on your credit report. If a potential landlord looks at that area of your credit report–and sees that you’ve inquired to half a dozen rental agencies before him–he may think that they all turned you down, especially if your credit is otherwise lacking. Instead, apply selectively. You may also long for your own credit check during the process of looking for a rental.

Obtaining a Free Credit Report

If you have been turned down for any credit application in the past six months because of an inquiry to a credit reporting agency, they are required to give you a free copy of the report. Call their number or see the website for more information. The main credit reporting agencies are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. If you contact them and can provide your most recent address on your credit report and some simple identification information, they are required to give you a complimentary copy of your credit report every six months if you experience any negative oocurence (such as denial of a job or credit card) because of what’s in your credit report.

Free Methods to Give Rental Credit Check

Once you have a copy of your credit report in hand, ask potential landlords if they can go off the credit report you already have instead of obtaining another one. That can save you the fee that rental companies usually charge to do a credit check, and it is also better for your credit report, as the repeated inquiries won’t show on it. In order to add incentive for the rental company, you may offer to still pay half the fee. You’re still saving money, and the company will be saving money as well.

Other Alternatives

Some rental companies may be hesitant to accept a printed copy of your credit report. That’s true because some individuals may be able to alter how it appears once it’s printed, deleting the bad stuff or heightening their score. If you truly want to save money and assure the potential landlord of your credit report honesty, offer to show them the report online under your account. You may bring a laptop, go to the official credit bureau’s website, then bring up your report. More landlords are accepting this unconventional method, especially during strapped financial times.

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