How to Furnish a Guest Room on a Budget

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A guest room is not just an option for rich homeowners. Apartment renters can convert an extra bedroom into a guest room, to have ready for in-laws, family and friends. When you’re on a budget, you might think that the best you can do is stick an air mattress in the room. Not so, if you know how to furnish a guest room on a budget.

Beds and Bedding

Your guests need to sleep somewhere, and it should be in the guest room if you’re going to have one. When money is tight, you can buy a brand new air mattress, but a used box spring. You can purchase a quality queen sized air mattress for under $25. You can also buy a used box spring, that’s in good condition, for less than $50, depending on where you live. That’s a total of $75 for a comfortable bed for guests. Buy beautiful bed linens at yard sales, estate sales and moving sales, and you can have a more than suitable bed for less than $100.

Another option, though not as comfortable, is a daybed. This will give you the flexibility of offering your guests seating in the room as well as a bed. Check the same locations for a daybed as you would for a box spring and bedding, and also check the “furniture” ads on

Corner Desk

A corner desk in the guest room is a great piece of furniture to add. Guests can get work done or have somewhere else to sit besides on the air mattress. A corner desk leaves more space int the room for other things, and doesn’t block the windows. You can great deals on them at moving sales and the like.

Folding Garment Rack

There are many uses for a folding garment rack, and you can use it in the guest room. For example, if you have limited closet space, a garment rack can make a nice addition for guests to hang coats, clothes and more. Some have racks at the bottom for shoes, or baskets to store an assortment of items. They can also be used as an indoor clothes line, to air out clothing or dry small clothing items (like underwear).

Add a personal touch to your decorations in the guest room. They come to spend time with you and get to know you better. One way to help with this is to put homemade decorations on the walls. Hang up your own artwork or ones done by your children, instead of buying  paintings. If art is not your thing, take photos and use diy photo framing. You can also buy and cut your own mats to lay the photos on. Get your children to help with the project. Letter signs on your walls are another great option. You can buy vinyl letters and arrange your favorite sayings on the wall. These are all homemade substitutes for buying wall art, that will help you stay within your budget.

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