How to Fix a Stainless Steel Sink Scratch without Losing Your Deposit

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One of the many items in the apartment that will be inspected upon moving out is the sink. A stainless steel sink scratch or any other damage to the sink is one of many ways money can be deducted from the deposit. Many people do not know, however, that scratches to a stainless steel sink are an easy do-it-yourself repair that in the end can save a lot of money.

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaners

A company called Cameo makes several cleaners for a variety of different household surfaces including copper, brass, porcelain and stainless steel. This product can be found at most home improvement stores and in some grocery stores. Cameo takes some buffing where the scratches appear and the sink should look as good as new.

Another great store bought item for both polishing and covering up scratches is called Bar Keepers Friend. It can be found in the cleaning aisle in most grocery stores. These types of products work best for scratches that are cosmetic and not very deep. These types of cleaners usually only work on cosmetic scratches that are not very deep.

Rubbing Compound for Deeper Scratches

Rubbing compound can be purchased at auto repair stores and should be rubbed on in the direction of the pattern on the stainless steel. If this does not cover up the scratch completely then the surface can be sanded down first and then apply the rubbing compound to fill in the area.

Auto parts stores carry many different products for stainless steel repairs on automobiles that can also be used to cover scratches on stainless steel kitchen appliances. Follow the directions on the product for applying to the scratches.

Using More Common Household Items

Some items to repair stainless steel scratches may be products already found around the home. Baby oil is one of them. It can be used to cover up light scratches on stainless steel by buffing.

Another item found around most homes that can come in handy fixing scratches is WD-40. Spray the scratched area with WD-40 and continue to apply it as needed while buffing it with a product called an emery cloth.

Emery cloth is similar to sandpaper but soft and can be used to buff out small scratches. Olive oil is another product that can be rubbed on and then buffed to try to cover up light scratches.

Sanding the Scratches Out

Sandpaper can be used in combination with many of the products above or some claim they can be a solution all on their own. Scotch Brite pads are sometimes used instead of sandpaper and are not as abrasive. Either sandpaper or Scotch Brite pads should be rubbed on in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel of more scratches could be created.

If using sandpaper, purchase a very fine grade and soak it in water before starting. After sanding the area, follow up with cleaning and buffing the surface with one of the cleaning products to see how much of the scratch is still visible.

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