How to Find Affordable Movers for Your Budget

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Professional movers can be pricey, but there are affordable movers out there for your budget. The key is knowing where to find them. You can’t just look through the yellow pages and tell which ones are affordable, unless “affordable” is a part of their name. Many don’t publish prices on their websites either, and with so many movers to research and call, you might give up looking.

1 – UShip

One website to try is Moving companies submit a bid, showing how much they would charge you for a move. It’s only an estimate, but you’ll get a good idea of who the affordable movers are. It’s also helpful to see how other customers are rating the companies that you are considering. The way UShip works is the movers bid on your move, based on their availability and truck space. You post your move, giving the details of what you require in the move, what city you’re moving to and when you want to move. Bidders may email you to ask questions before placing a bid, but no one will ever call you. After the bids come in and you accept a bid, you can contact the movers directly via telephone to get the moving process started. There’s no charge to try UShip, and it’s a great start to finding affordable movers.

2 – Craigslist

There are many moving scams on, and it’s devasting when you become a victim. However, you can find reliable affordable movers if you follow safety precautions. For example, you can type “discount mover” or “affordable mover” as a search term and get results of ads posted by movers. Your job is to take their information and do the research. Check with the Department of Transportation of your state, the Better Business Bureau at and online review websites, such as Do a Google search of their company name and find out what you uncover. Ask co-workers, neighbors, family nd friends whether they know anything about the companies. Use your best judgment based on your research, and get everything in writing. You may find a great affordable mover that fits in well with your budget.

3 – Newpaper Classifieds

Traditional advertising is widely used by moving companies. Affordable movers will place a small ads in the newspapers, which you will find often among the “for rent” ads. Either their name, tag line or something in the ad itself will let you know that they are an affordable mover. That’s a chief benefit that they like to highlight, because they understand that many renters cannot afford to pay high moving costs.

4 – Twitter

Some affordable movers use social media in addition to or in place of traditional advertising. It’s free to use Twitter, and many businesses understand the potential for growing a business using it. Do a search on Twitter for affordable movers in your area, and you may find posts that will lead you to a moving company.

Use these ways to find affordable movers, a you’ll save yourself some money.

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