How to Find a Mover at the Last Minute

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When you need to move quickly, you’ll be happy to learn how to find a mover at the last minute. There are some times when a great opportunity to move comes up suddenly or things just get pushed to the last minute. Luckily, movers are willing to work on your schedule, and you may still even have lots of options for movers, even at the last minute.


Ask friends who have had positive moving experiences for the name and phone number of their movers. The best way to make sure that you have a positive moving experience, especially when you’re short on time for extensive research, is to go with movers that are recommended by someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to ask for other references, too. You may also do a quick Google search for the mover to see consumer reviews. It’s a good way of telling if a moving company is trouble or if it’s the ideal last minute moving solution.

Last Minute Specials

Some movers may have last minute specials advertised on places like Craigslist or on local television. When movers aren’t booked up for time slots, they may offer specials for customers who are willing to work around their already established moving schedules. You may even call and ask a mover about that sort of special. Since the time period would otherwise be spent without profit for the mover, the company may be able to give you a great deal at the last minute, as long as you are flexible and willing to work around the mover’s set schedule.

Local Movers

Drive around your local town or city. Talking to small business owners about your needs is typically a better idea at the last minute than trying to get a big corporate moving company to give you a break. When some movers know that you are needing a last minute mover, they may try to charge you a premium for the lack of advance  reservations. Keep in mind that discounts are often offered for reservations, and you may end up paying far more at a big moving company than is necessary, if you wait until the last minute. However, if you go in and speak to a smaller business, the owner or manager is much more likely to work with you and give you a fair deal. When a moving company doesn’t have a parent company to answer to, there is a lot more freedom when it comes to customer service.

Comparison Shopping

Although it’s the last minute and you’re on a time crunch, you can do comparison shopping online, even for which mover is best at working people who are hiring movers at the last minute. By experimenting with the words that you put into a search engine, you can find all kinds of information about local and nationwide movers. Then, after you find the company who is most accommodating for your last minute moving needs, be sure to leave a a positive and honest review of the moving company. Let others know your experience, and you can also help future last minute movers find a great deal.

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