How to Find a Mover: 4 Features to Consider

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It’s not hard to find a mover, because most states have so many. Choosing one is hard, but the task is much easier if you know what features to compare. Each mover has its own benefits and policies, and you’ll have to speak with each one to see what they offer. Knowing what topics to address will help you make an informed decision.

1. Day Versus Hourly Rate

Movers charge by the hour or by the day. Transportation costs are calculated differently. That’s based on the weight or volume of your things. An hourly rate is rarely beneficial to you, except when all of these apply:

  • You anticipate a very short move (although you should double the time you’re anticipating)
  • The distance between locations is less than 25 miles
  • You plan to pack and unpack your own things
  • The difference between the day rate and the hourly rate is more than $100

If all of these apply, then find a mover that charges an hourly rate. Otherwise, you can save money with a mover that charges a day rate.

2. Costs of the Mover

In addition to labor costs, you should carefully compare the costs of all additional services. Packing and unpacking service charges vary with each mover, and some charge a lot more than others. Get a written moving estimate that itemizes all of the services and associated fees. A verbal estimate is subject to change based on who you talk to, and your final fees may be much more than you ever anticipated. Compare the costs of moving supplies as well if you plan to buy your supplies from a moving company. You will able to distinguish the affordable movers from the not so affordable ones when you examine the cost of each service or goods they offer.

3.  Transit Times Offered by Mover Companies

Some companies offer faster transit times than others. Find a mover who can offer you a faster move, and can back that up with many customer references. Some movers also offer expedited services for extra fees. That service may come in handy at the last minute due to unexpected delays on your part.

4. Storage Facilities

Find a mover who owns a storage facility if it will be a couple of days between picking up your things and moving into your new apartment. It’s convenient and you’ll save costs that way. It’s a feature you want to look for when you’re moving long distance as well. A mover without a storage facility will have to use one anyway, which introduces another “middle man” into the picture, resulting in more fees added to your final moving bill.

5. Better Business Bureau Member

You should always check your local Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against the mover. In addition to that you should find a mover who is a member of the Bette Business Bureau. They agree to a certain code of conduct, and it’s one more assurance that they are not scam artists, as long as they remain in good standing.

Consider these 5 features in your search to find a mover, and you’ll avoid overspending and unreliable movers.

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