How to Find a Cheap Moving Company in No Time

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When you are trying to find a bargain with a cheap moving company, it’s great to have time on your side. However, that’s not always the case, and many who are relocating either for work or a change of scenery can find themselves up against a time crunch when it comes time to plan and implement a house move. So how do you find cheap movers and moving services in a short time? Some basic guidelines may help families who need to work within a certain time frame, while still paying sufficient attention to the details of their move.

Take Advantage of Online Moving Quotes

The Internet has been a huge resource for any kind of consumer who find themselves under pressure for any reason. The speed of online commerce has taken a lot of work out of many kinds of purchases, including household moving. Where in older times, families had to call around or do other kinds of research, today, individuals can get lightning quick Internet moving quotes for comparing price for any distance.

Look for Binding Moving Estimates

Another resource that quick movers have on their side is legislation regarding binding moving estimates. Federal government resources show that a binding moving estimate provides a cap on costs for the customer. When contacting moving companies, tell them you need a binding moving estimate, and don’t have time to negotiate much more. You may find companies willing to provide this kind of up front cost estimate to help you find an affordable moving service quickly.

Look for Local Shops

Using the yellow pages, families and households can often find local moving shops who can offer better rates and provide quicker response times than some of the national corporate companies. Your local community is often the best place to find the movers who will take on your project for the lowest fees and total costs.

Ask about Time Frame

When you don’t have time to indulge the schedule of a particular company, you need to get details on their “first availability”- this is another instance where local shops may have a better first availability than a national company, where a larger business with a national client base can often get booked up for weeks at a time.

The above can help some of those who have a very limited time to get moved into a new housing destination. Moving day can be a hectic experience; having as much as possible pre-planned cuts down on the craziness of the process. Make sure to talk to movers up front about all of their policies to avoid miscommunications and problems later. Problems with moving companies include price hikes, improper loading and damage to goods, and unprofessional crews. Going over details with representatives can help you make sure that your move is in good hands.

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