How to Expand Counter Space in Kitchenettes

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Kitchenettes may be functional, but they are not spacious. In some apartments and for some cooks, more space may be absolutely necessary. Adding extra counter and storage space to a kitchenette is not always easy, but with a little creative thinking can be done.

Consider What You Want

Prior to purchasing or adding anything to your kitchenette, consider the size of the space you have to work with and what you want to do with it. Whether you want to cook on it or store things underneath it or on top of it will determine what you will need. Make sure to measure the space and check your budget to see what you can afford.

Extend Current Countertops

Most likely, your kitchenette only has one small counter. That tiny space will need to serve as the space where you chop, prepare sore and do everything else you need to do in the kitchen. This space may not be big enough or to fulfill all your needs. Adding a cabinet or table to the end of your counter will create more space. If you have an open space near the kitchen, these pieces of furniture may not even have to be directly next to the original countertop.

The cabinet or table you choose does not have to exactly match the color of the existing countertops, but should be complimentary. Your choice should blend and create the ambiance you want for your kitchen. However, it must also be functional, meaning that it should be flat and smooth.

Pieces to consider using are a small cabinet with shelves, a bookshelf or a table. While a table may be the easiest to procurer, it will also not provide any storage space. In a small kitchen, you need to use all the space you can, which makes a piece of furniture with shelves more desirable.

Whatever your choice, though, make sure that the width of the table or other piece of furniture is approximately the same as the countertop. A too-narrow piece will not provide all the space you need; a too-wide piece will be difficult to maneuver around.

Add Width to Current Countertops

You should not only consider extending the length of the counter top, but also the width. A piece of plywood laid on top of the current counter can add the additional space you seek. By painting or staining the wood, you can create a unique look that will blend and not look cheap. However, make sure that the size of the wood is not overly wide so that it is unstable and may topple over. To make the added piece secure, affix it to the underlying countertop with tape or a strong adhesive. However, ensure that the adhesive will not ruin the original countertop.

Consider a Removable Piece

If you are unable to permanently affix a wider countertop or leave a piece of furniture next to the existing countertop you might want to consider purchasing a piece of furniture, such as a table, that you can set up when needed but store when unused. A card table or lightweight table will work well. You can also decorate the item with paint or a table cloth.

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