How to Draw Up a Sublet Lease Agreement

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A sublet lease agreement is an agreement between your roommate or a subtenant and yourself. A sublease is the renting out of your apartment or a portion of it to another roommate. A sublease can also mean subleasing the whole property to a subtenant who pays the rent to the actual. The tenant generally pays a lesser rent to the landlord than the subtenant, and makes a profit out of the deal. A sublease is rarely allowed by most landlords.

Drawing Up a Sublet Lease Agreement

A sublet lease agreement can only be drawn if the lease agreement permits that the property can be sublet. The sublease has to be approved by the landlord. The landlord might also want a background check carried out on the subtenant. In addition, the landlord may require the subtenant’s references, credit check and criminal record. The agreement has to be signed by both the subtenant and the landlord.

The agreement should clearly state duration of the lease, the amount of rent and its mode of payment, the maintenance of the property and any furniture inside the property, the payment of utility bills and payments for additional services such as Internet. The agreement should also mention the amount of security deposit that’s required and termination clauses in case of nonpayment by the subtenant or disorderly behavior.

A sublet lease agreement is generally similar to the lease contract between you the tenant and the owner of the property or the landlord. A sample form for such an agreement can be obtained online.

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  1. September 09, 2016 at 12:52 pm, Denise said:

    If my landLord lives in the home. And we wrote out a contract. To the dos and DONTs. Of the rules and she sign them. I have live here for almost 5 years. On the contract it states that know one in the house like her boyfriend can tell me what I can and an can not do. Only here The she tells me that her now husband but WHEN I moved in he was it not for about 1-2 years. The the other day she tells me that her husband doesn't want any of my guy friends to spend the night. Normally I don't have anyone spend the night my friend that has been coming over since I moved in who help me move in. Know longer can he only did because. His house caught On fire. Now on the contract it stats. That I can have anyone spend the night just no more then three nights in a row if more then that I have to ask…. Now can she do that to me??? My rents on time no other problems. Also there are now cameras all around the house. Right whenU walk In right outside the door. I the bk yard. Is that legal ??? HELP ???


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