How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

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Bring holiday cheer to your house with a few easy ways to decorate your apartment. A little effort put in early will create a holiday escape for endless hours of holiday entertaining fun. 

Put Away Other Seasons’ Decorating Leftovers

Any Easter eggs still hanging about, a few weeks after Halloween? What about Fourth of July banners? Put away any decorative items that are out of season. It can be extra helpful to put away other decorative items that are brightly colored. Fall and Christmas decorating is all about reds, greens, oranges, silver and gold. Embrace this by putting aside any bright pink vases you enjoyed during the summertime. 

Decorate with Lights

Stringing lights along handrails or fireplace mantles, or even just drape them around the window frames. Wrapping them around a wreath and hanging it in the living room window is a great way to add decoration to the inside and outside at the same time. 

Coffee Table Decoration

Clear off the usual coffee table books and add a snowglobe or cluster of holiday-colored candles. Even holiday-colored candy placed in a nice bowl will add festivity to your coffee table. 

Christmas Stockings, but No Mantle?

Ideally stockings will be hung from the fireplace mantle, but many of us don’t have this living room focal point to use for decorating. In this case, stockings can be hung from a blank wall with 3M removable hooks, or from the doorknob the bedroom door. Hanging the stocking from the bedroom door is a great way to decorate the hallway as well, as the hallway often gets left out of the holiday decoration. 

Use Ornaments Everywhere

Hang ornaments from every place in the house where they will not be in the way. Hang them from the chandelier in the dining room. Hang them from houseplants or coat racks. String them on ribbons and hang them around the bathroom mirror. When hanging them from a Christmas tree, using ribbon to string them instead of metal hooks will add a higher level of elegance to Christmas tree decorating. 

Candles, Candles, Candles

Clusters of three or more candles places throughout the apartment really give a warm and cozy holiday look to the place. Candles in the bathroom, on the nightstand in the bedroom, on the kitchen counter, on the dining room table, the coffee table, and the entertainment center by the television are all beautiful and festive places to decorate with this holiday cheer. Just make sure that the scents are mellow or similar, because lighting all those scented candles can be intense if the flavors are not complimentary. 

Don’t Forget the Front Door

Hang a wreath, or a dried bouquet of Christmas themed plants from the front door. Adding bells to the wreath or bouquet will add a musical jingling greeting. Adding a poinsettia or other christmas plant just outside the front door will add a holiday welcome to you and your guests as they come to your front door.

And Enjoy! 

Decorate your apartment easily using these tips, and you will have holiday cheer and pleasing adornment in your apartment all holiday season.

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