How to Decorate a Live-Work Loft to Maximize Productivity

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Decorating a live work loft poses very unique and difficult difficulties. Not only does the open space need to suit your everyday living needs, but it must also offer a suitable and efficient work area. There are several considerations to account for when decorating your live-work loft to enable maximum productivity.

Review the Room

Survey the loft making notes of its size and any natural divisions. You might be able to use these divisions as to separate the space into different areas. The beginning of carpet, a countertop or a support pole may provide such a separation. Typically, there are subtle architectural designations for specific areas in your loft. However, you may not need to follow their guidelines depending on your furniture and needs. Also note whether certain furniture must be placed in specific areas. For instance, if your bed will only fit in one space of the loft or must be near the bathroom, you must work around the bed. Facts such as these may affect placement of other furniture.

Consider Your Work Needs

Since you will also need to work out of your loft, consider the essentials for your job. Does your desk need to be easily accessible from the doorway or near the bathroom? How large of a desk do you require? What storage is essential?

Keep It Separate

To ensure you are the most productive, it is a good idea to create a distinctive space to work. Do not depend on using your dining room or coffee table as the basis for your work operations. Therefore, after you have surveyed the room and identified the essentials for your job, mark off a specific area for your office. Of course, your loft may not have ample, unused space. However, any area no matter how small is better than none.

Create the Feeling of Separate Spaces

To create a separation for your office, use the natural lines of your desk or other furniture in place of walls. The reason why it is important to start with the pieces of furniture with straight lines is that, in addition to creating a feeling for the space, they may also create a specific division line. The straight back of your desk, for instance, can create a literal line between living and working spaces.

Think Upwards

One key to decorating a loft is to not overlook the vertical spaces. Building up by putting shelves or a hutch above your desk will provide more storage space and add to making the desk a true work space. These additions should be placed against one of the loft’s natural walls so that the open feeling of the loft, its main attraction, is not lost.

Add Color and Decor

An open floor plan is intended to flow seamlessly together. Glaring disparities in paint color or themes will stand out and make the room appear choppy. While you can use different colors to indicate different spaces, make certain to keep them within the same theme even within the space you designate for your office.

However, it can also be good idea to use a single, neutral paint color throughout the space. You can still use color in artwork and other décor to gracefully separate the rooms.

Because you need to use the loft for work and living, a loft creates several decorating challenges. Use the natural lines in your furniture and walls as guidelines for arranging separate areas. Most importantly, though, decorate to maintain the feel of the open space, as that is what most likely drew you to the apartment in the first place

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