How to Deal with an Alcoholic Roommate

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If you live with someone that has a drinking problem, you must know how to deal with an alcoholic roommate.

Dealing with an Alcoholic Roommate

If your roommate is an alcoholic who often gets aggressive and violent, it would be right on your part to insist that he should stop drinking if he wants to continue living on the premises. Talk to the person and about the problem and express your concerns. You must ensure that your roommate pays the bills so that you are not encumbered with all the expenses. Alcoholics often find it difficult to hold down a job, and if this is the case, they have trouble meeting their financial obligations. Never try to cover up for the person’s actions or make excuses for an alcoholic roommate. At the same time, don’t feel guilty or blame yourself for the problem.

What You Should Do

If possible, it’s best to terminate the arrangement and find another roommate to share your apartment and expenses with. If your roommate’s violent behavior is a cause of concern, it’s best to not show that you’re frightened as this can give the alcoholic a sense of power and control over you. Instead, you should approach the police and advise them of your concerns so that they can take appropriate steps to safeguard you. You can also approach neighbors and let them know the situation so that they can help you should the need arise.

In the future, before taking on a roommate, you should ask for references and call them to verify the prospective roommate’s habits and background. You should also enter into a sublease that allows immediate termination for unacceptable behavior.

2 Responses to “How to Deal with an Alcoholic Roommate”

  1. May 02, 2013 at 3:50 pm, Anonymous said:

    this was not a very helpful post. my alcoholic roommate is a woman and she is not violent. the only advisement it to find someone else to live with ? that is not a good advice about how to deal with the emotional and sometimes physical toll that someone you care about, or at least have to be around. sometimes you don’t know how much of a problem the person has until you see every aspect of them.


  2. September 09, 2013 at 10:27 pm, Mary said:

    I hear you, am dealing with an alcoholic roommate who IS violent and aggressive, has random men over to spend the night, has crazy dogs because she is so bad with them, etc.

    I am leaving asap as I can’t take the abuse anymore. I’m a kind, considerate, loving woman and she is a nutcase. I’m sleeping at a friends for a bit while I find another option. There is no way to deal with someone who is mentally unstable and doesn’t care who they hurt.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you see this is less about finding a way to deal with them. Alcoholic women often don’t care they are hurting you so talking to them can just fuel the fire. Take care of YOU first, and please find a healthier environment. You deserve to be treated with respect, not stepped on by someone not in their right mind because they CHOOSE not to be.


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