How to Create the Illusion of High Ceilings

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Living in a small space can create a feeling of being cramped or confined. Creating an illusion of high ceilings is one way you can add to the space and make it seem much larger than it really is. Even if your home is not small you may be stuck with low ceilings giving off a suffocating feeling, no matter how large the space is. Lower ceilings may seem like a feature in an apartment or home that nothing can be done about but there are several ways you can trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are higher.

Using Paint to Enlarge a Space

It is hard to believe, but painting your walls a certain way can make the room seem bigger and the ceilings taller. Painting the ceiling with a cooler color than the walls makes it appear farther away than it really is. White may seem like the best choice to keep things light and open but this usually makes the ceiling seem even lower when it is paired with colored walls. Try painting the ceiling a paler shade of the color used on the walls. For dark painted rooms use a high gloss paint on the ceiling to make the best use of the room’s light. Try not to break walls up horizontally with molding or painted stripes which will make the ceilings look lower. Painting vertical stripes on the walls is another way paint can be used to trick the eyes into seeing the room taller than it really is.

Lighting and Ceiling Fixtures to Avoid

Avoid lights that hang down low and make the ceiling feel even closer to you than it already is. Use lighting that is flush to the ceiling or recessed lighting. Using wall mounted lighting instead of ceiling lighting is a great option as well. Ceiling fans hanging down will also cause this same problem and should be avoided with lower ceilings.

The Best Furniture and Drapery for Lower Ceilings

Furniture that is big or bulky will make the ceilings feel even lower while using low profile furniture can create more space. Any items with vertical lines help as well by tricking the eye into an illusion of height. Bookcases work great for creating vertical lines. Vertical lines used on curtains or drapes are a good idea as well. Hang drapery rods as near to the ceiling as you can and use drapes that hang as close the floor as possible which will make the walls appear longer than they are. Placing the furniture around the perimeter of the room works best. If furniture is placed in the center of a room it seems to make the room appear smaller.

Artwork on the Walls

Hanging artwork and pictures on the wall higher than normal gives off an impression of higher ceilings by forcing the eye to look up. Using large mirrors on the wall creates a feeling of space and height in the room as well. If hanging groups of photos or pictures, try to hang them in vertical patterns rather than horizontal.

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