How to Create a Spring Cleaning Checklist

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If you are like most people, the only time anything actually gets thrown away or organized in your house is when you do your yearly spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can be a pain because of the overload of junk that you actually have to go through and decide whether it truly is junk or something worth keeping.

Add in the task of finding some place to put it all and you have just sentenced yourself to days of work. But you can avoid these pitfalls by planning ahead and making a spring cleaning checklist to get it all done in a more orderly fashion.

Consider the Rooms in Your Apartment

The first thing you will want to do before you even begin to make your spring cleaning checklist is to determine which rooms need the most work and where you want to start first. While the bathroom may not entail a lot of heaving spring cleaning, it is almost certain that the bedrooms and closets will.

Your next task will be deciding where you are going to store the bulk of the things you want to keep. Will they be kept in storage in an extra bedroom? Or will the items be dispersed throughout the apartment in their appropriate locations?

These are important things to consider as you will probably want to start by cleaning out your storage room so that you can make room for the things that you truly do want to keep.

Start Your List

The next thing you will want to do is to start your list. Use a notebook with a few empty pages and make one page for each of the rooms in your house. Then go through the rooms one by one and begin listing things that you want done in those rooms; such as cleaning out the closets, reorganizing the dressers, cleaning out the junk drawer of your desk, reorganizing your shoe pile and anything else that you see that should be done in a particular room.

Once you have listed a few things to be done in each room, you can then begin to make side notes about each item that you have listed. For example, you may have listed that you wanted to reorganize your shoe pile. You could make some side notes about how you plan to do that.

Will you be storing only your running shoe on a rack behind the bedroom door? Will you be storing your most commonly worn shoes in the closet by the front door? Will you be storing your shoes in a bin on the top shelf of your closet? Using questions like these can jog your mind about how best to organize and complete the tasks on your list.

Put the Checklist into Action

The final step is to put your checklist into action. Keep in mind that spring cleaning doesn’t always get done in one day and that you will probably find other things around the house to do which you do not write down on your list.

That’s okay. There is no need to be overwhelmed with all of the minor details that you forgot about. Simply add them to your list and keep on going. If you keep at it, you will find that eventually you will cover every task that you set out to do.

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