How to Create a Floral Centerpiece for the Occasion

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A floral centerpiece is a great way to decorate for any occasion. The many colors, textures and feel of flowers make them not only beautiful, but also versatile and fitting for almost any occasion. It is not difficult to make your own centerpieces, but doing so requires planning.

Consider the Event

What event will the floral centerpiece grace? Does the occasion have a certain theme or color scheme? What about the host? Does she dislike certain colors or types of flowers? Is it possible that anyone at the event will be allergic to certain varieties?

The key to creating the perfect floral centerpiece is to make sure that it fits with the occasion. Different colors and types of plants may not be appropriate, and as the arrangement will be a centerpiece, it is necessary to consider both these factors when choosing the types and sizes of flowers. If the occasion is somber or geared towards a certain person or event, certain flowers may look out of place. For example, unless the hostess or mother-to-be loves them, roses are not the best flowers for a baby shower. A specific meaning has typically been ascribed to different flowers, and to be certain of your choice you should research these connotations.

When selecting the colors for the arrangement, take the colors, size and placement of the intended location into account. If the room is particularly dark, brighter colored flowers may create an unappealing contrast, or, possibly, they may brighten the room’s feel. Also consider the season; bright colored flowers in the winter will seem strange, as would dark flowers in the summer.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget will also determine which flowers you use for your arrangement. The costs of flowers changes depending on the season and availability. Visit your local florist for current pricing, but keep in mind that they are subject to change.

Consider the Best Size for Your Arrangement

A small space requires a different size arrangement than a larger area. Unfortunately, it is impossible to measure the exact width of a floral arrangement. However, the arrangement’s height can be changed to suit your needs. Therefore, approach the task with a general idea of whether you need a small, medium or larger arrangement. It is also a good idea to consider the size of flower to best fit the space. Smaller petals can be added together to create the perfect size, but larger petals take up more display area.

There is no secret to arranging flowers; rather, it is a job requiring patience and creativity. Play with the flowers, arranging and rearranging them as you see fit until you are pleased with the end result. To ensure that the flowers will all be the same height, hold off on cutting the stems until very last.

Creating a floral centerpiece is a great way to decorate for an event. Arranging the flowers yourself will cut down on costs and enable you to show off your talents.

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