How to Create a College Apartment Packing List

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If you’re reading this, you or someone you know is in need of the perfect college apartment packing list. This article will detail the basics and necessities of the college apartment, and give you a good idea of where to go from here.


First and foremost, your new pad is probably going to be short on space, like most college living quarters. That having been said, check the layout of your apartment before you bring every stick of furniture from you old place with you. If you have roommates, this is an ideal opportunity to pool your resources and decide what goes and what stays.

Remember, little things like stools, end tables and lamps add up to a lot of floor space very quickly.

Kitchenware and Tools

These two items are lumped in together because of their relative size and usefulness. Make sure you have a full set of plates that can survive multiple trips through the microwave, as well as at least three or four cups. If you like to cook, the bare minimum for a decent kitchen includes one non-stick frying pan, two sauce pans, and a variety of Tupperware, glass dishes and other leftover containers.

As for tools, while it might not be prominent on your radar at the moment, I assure you that having a hammer, a flat-head screwdriver and a set of pliers will inevitably come in handy. You’ll always have things to patch up, take apart, put together and otherwise alter in a suitably noisy and haphazard fashion!


School is not just about school. You also need to unwind at night, take a breather and relax. Make sure you bring things that are tailored to your specific enjoyments, such as books, movies, video games, art supplies, musical instruments, etc. A guitar in a case, for example, takes up relatively little space (if stored intelligently) and provides the musician with a perfect way to loosen up after a long day.


This one cannot be stressed enough, since one of the defining features of most college apartments is a lack of space. Go to a department store and pick up plastic storage containers in varying sizes, shapes and utilities. A long, flat one makes a great place to store unseasonal clothes under your bed, while a three-drawer tower makes the mess in your closet a little more organized.

They can pick up the slack when your pantry is just too full, or they can store your movies and games and keep them from being underfoot.

A great idea is a shoe rack that hangs from the back of a door. Used properly, your shoes get lined up in easy-to-grab fashion, up off the floor. This keeps them from becoming clutter around your front door, and makes your entryway just look a little nicer.

There are always more things that you could bring with you, but bear in mind always your lack of space. Bring what only you need to make your apartment comfortable, spacious, and useful. 

Jordan Gaither: I’m a Communications major by trade, an artist by choice, a welder by day and a dancer by night (Okay, I made that last part up). Having lived in a succession of cramped, oddly-shaped apartments, I have a wealth of personal experience in apartment living, as well as arranging and decorating to maximize effect and livable space.

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