How to Convert Your Hallway into a Storage Area

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In a small apartment, viewing any excess space as a potential storage area is a part of efficient, organized living. Your hallway is one such excess area in which you won’t spend a lot of time, so make the most of it by turning it into a place for storage-without cluttering up the walkway.

Go Vertical with Shelving

The easiest way to turn your hallway into a storage area is to leave an entire side of the hallway untouched for easy access. On the other side of the hallway, concentrate your storage in a vertical fashion. If you can, add shelves to the wall. If you can’t or don’t want to install anything, put a tall, thin bookshelf in the hallway. The aim is to have shelves that fill the unused vertical space without taking up much horizontal space. These shelves won’t be used for decorative items, but for storing books, DVDs, CDs and other items you use somewhat frequently and need within reach.

Get a Tall Cabinet

If you don’t want to keep the storage open or you want to store items that don’t stack as neatly as books and DVDs, get a tall, thin cabinet with doors to keep in your hallway. The more shelves in the cabinet, the better. You can easily store towels, linens, seasonal clothing and shoes in this cabinet. Just be sure to keep the space organized and functional. You can create more space in a cabinet by vacuum-sealing any soft or fabric items, like towels, clothes, pillows, jackets and sheets. Using vacuum packs, you can shrink these items to take up only 1/3 of the amount of space they usually do.

Hide Away

If having a decorative and attractive hallway is still important to you, you can skip the tall shelves and cabinets and turn the hallway into a storage area by hiding the storage. Hang pictures and paintings on the higher portions of the unused wall space and make a thin console table the centerpiece of your decor. On this table, drape a long tablecloth, doily or piece of fabric and decorate the top of the table with keepsakes and mementos. Under the table, stack storage shoe boxes filled with items you don’t access frequently but still need, like seasonal clothing and your household tool kit.

Use Wall Hooks

Without doing any damage to your apartment wall, you can turn your hallway into an effective storage area where you can just grab what you need and go, without ever taking up much horizontal space in the walkway. Suction-cup and removable hooks can stay up sturdily once in place. You can then hang jackets, hats, scarves, jewelry, watches, purses and more from the hallway hooks, transforming a wasted space into the coatroom you don’t otherwise have room for in your apartment.

When turning your hallway into a storage area, remember that for an apartment to be efficient, each area must retain its purpose. In other words, don’t overdo the storage to the point where you can’t easily walk through the hallway, as that’s both an inconvenience and a safety hazard.

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