How to Convert a Walk-In Closet into a Home Office

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Working from home is possible to do even in tiny apartments. A walk in closet is just what you need to set up a home office that’s out of the way. You’ll end up with more room in your bedroom to use for its intended purposes. It may be a mental relief to you to have your home office in the closet instead of being reminded of work constantly because your work space is in your bedroom or living room. Transforming your walk-in closet is easy to do.

Choose the Best Closet

Your apartment may have more than one option for a walk-in closet that works well for a home office. Choose the one that won’t need to be used as much. For example, if you have children, you don’t want to convert their closet, because they’ll use it for clothing and for play as well. You would be better off converting your closet and using bureaus and other storage solutions for clothing and shoes.

Find Alternative Storage Space

You have to remove everything from your closet to make this work. Clutter will hamper your productivity and make it difficult to store your office supplies. If you’re pressed for space, use storage bins, cardboard boxes and other containers to hold items from the closet, and find creative spaces for those items. Some places to store your extra things include:

  • In the laundry room
  • Behind the couch
  • In bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • Under beds and cribs
  • In other closets

Dust the closet shelves and floors, and clean it well. Then you’re ready to move essential items for your home office.

Take Measurements

Knowing the measurements of your closet, beginning with the width of the entrance, will help you avoid mistakes in buying office furniture. You want to know how many square feet the closet is (length multiplied by width). Write it down in a notebook that you’ll have handy as you shop online or locally for office furniture.

Computer Desk

Work in a walk-in closet will most likely revolve around you working on a computer primarily. The most important office furniture you have to fit in your walk-in closet then is a computer desk. The more portable it is, the better. Find one with wheels so that you can easily convert the closet back into a closet if you need to. You can also wheel the desk around to create more space as needed from time to time. When it’s time to move out of your apartment, you won’t have to worry about moving a bulky desk.

Office Chair

The next important item you’ll need is an office chair. Keep in mind that you may spend long hours in that chair, in your walk-in closet. It’s important to find one that won’t cause you to strain your back and neck as you work. Spending more money on a chair is better than spending more on a computer desk. If you plan to buy used furniture, make sure it’s sturdy and has proper back support. Avoid using a kitchen chair, unless you use a pillow to provide support.

Office Equipment and Supplies

Place office equipment and supplies on your computer desk, on closet shelves and on the floor. Don’t place heavy objects on shelves so that they don’t fall by accident or in a natural disaster.

Anything else you add to your home office in a walk-in closet is extra. These are the basics that you need to plan for.

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