How to Clean a Microwave

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A clean microwave can easily be realized once you know the best method for making it spic and span. The following steps will lead you in that direction.

Use a Little Vinegar or Lemon

Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar and combine it with the same amount of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Place the vinegar-water solution in the microwave for about a minute, setting the unit on high. The vinegar is useful in loosening any gunk or dried-on food, which will make it easier to clean the unit. You can also achieve this effect by using lemons. In this case, place two lemons cut in half in a microwave-safe bowl and fill the bowl with water. Make sure the lemons are placed face down in the bowl and set them in the microwave, turning the unit on high for five minutes before removing the bowl. You may like using lemons a little better as they leave a nicer scent.

Unplug the Appliance

Unplug the microwave before you begin cleaning the unit. Wipe down the plug with a dry towel. Remove the turntable and turning element and place them in a sink filled with sudsy, warm water water.

Sponge Off the Interior

With a wet sponge quickly wipe off the interior, starting at the top and proceeding on to the sides, the interior door and finally the bottom of the interior. Make sure when you clean  that you wipe any dried-on food or debris from the back toward the front of the appliance. Rinse the sponge often as your move on to each new area. Repeat the process, this time using a little dishwashing liquid and water, rinsing the sponge frequently as you do each section. Make sure that the interior is clean of all debris and soapy residue by sponging down the unit with clear water in the same order as you did the first two times. Dry off the interior in the same order with a soft cotton towel.

Clean the Exterior

Next, you’ll want to wipe down the exterior. Use dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water and a sponge. Begin by wiping off the top of the unit. Next, wipe down the sides. Follow up by cleaning the back of the microwave and save the front door for last. Repeat the process, this time sponging off the unit with clear water to make sure the unit is clean of any soapy residue. Dry off the unit and spray the exterior and interior of the door with some vinegar. Wipe the vinegar off the door with a soft, cotton cloth or towel, using circular motions, until it’s spotless.

Wash and Rinse the Turntable and Turning Element

Wash the turntable and turning element that you placed in the soapy water in the sink. Make sure you rinse both items well and dry them off with a towel before returning them to and inserting them once again in the microwave. Plug in the microwave and relax with a microwave treat warmed up in your newly-cleaned oven.

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