How to Brighten a Dark Hallway

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Is your interior entrance or other dark hallway space dragging you down? Some types of apartments include narrow, cramped corridors that make entry uncomfortable. These cave-like interiors seem to banish light and create a constricted, unappealing environment. Here are some of the most popular ways to transform your dingy hallway into a lighter, brighter space.

Opening Up a Dark Hallway: Construction Ideas

If you are the owner of a property with a less than vibrant hallway space, you may have the ability to take on some of these more challenging options. Construction changes can provide radical differences in light access, and really transform a space.

One obvious choice is a skylight, where a top-level space or a hallway in a one-story building can access light directly from above. Where this is not possible, local contractors can also suggest tips for opening up one end of a hallway by eliminating barriers to a larger interior room where sunlight or other light sources may be abundant.

Additional Lighting Options

If you don’t have the authority or the resources to tear up your apartment in order to improve your access to sunlight, don’t despair. Some modern lighting technologies offer more options for brightening up your interior.

Recessed or fish-eye lighting is one popular addition to hallways, living rooms, or other interior spaces. The great thing about these types of lighting is that they don’t intrude into a space. Nested in a drop ceiling or other construction, these lights provide additional brightness while staying out of the way.

Another convenient and popular feature that you can put into your hallway is an LED tube. LED or Light Emitting Diode lights are new options for conserving electricity and promoting safer illumination. LED lights can replace incandescent lights such as halogen bulbs that throw out intense amounts of heat, which can lead to dangerous fire situations. LED lights, by contrast, are entirely shielded and do not generate a lot of heat. That makes them great for small interior spaces. Tracking these LED tube lights through a hallway may be a really effective choice to brighten up your area without taking up a lot of space.

Other Natural Options

Some even simpler brightening solutions should not be overlooked in any plan to do a hallway makeover. One very common change is to use a light, airy color of paint to improve an interior space. White walls and ceilings will naturally lighten a room. Light blue is another popular choice. Along with painting, changing the color of rugs or other flooring may make a big difference.

Yet another option is the “mirror trick”-some interior designers report that using several mirrors in a space can multiply its natural illumination and lead to a brighter interior.

Consider all of the above options for renovating that dungeon-like entry or hall into something you can be proud of, and a space that lifts your spirits as you pass from one room to another.


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