How to Arrange Furniture to Optimize Natural Light

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Give your apartment a makeover, and arrange furniture to optimize natural light. More sunlight in your home can improve your health and help you grow an indoor garden. There’s more to it, than not putting chairs in front of your windows, although that’s a start. Here’s how to arrange the furniture you’ve got:

Don’t Block Windows with Chairs

This is the first place to start as you work on a new arrangement. Don’t block your windows with couches, love seats and other chairs. You’ll stop the light from coming into the room. Place chairs on the opposite ends of the room, across from windows, or on the side walls so that all windows are free and clear of chairs. In addition to more sunlight, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to exit your apartment quickly due to fires or other emergencies, if you need to.

Use Corner Desks

Another way to arrange furniture to optimize natural light is to use corner desks. Putting a computer desk against the window will block natural light, the same way a chair would. You might want to stick a desk in front of you window to look out of it or minimize your need to turn on the lights, but it will defeat your attempts to get more natural light in the room. Besides, you’ll be able to see at your corner desk the more sunlight you let into the room. If that’s not the case, there are battery powered lamps and other alternatives you can use if you hate the thought of turning on your lights during the daytime. Placing the desk in the middle of the room won’t work either. It should be off to the side at the very least, and a corner desk works the best.

Make Windows the Focal Point

When your unobstructed windows become the focal points of each room, it will be easy to arrange furniture to optimize natural lights. Place furniture on the sides and across from windows in way that looks balanced and as stylish as possible. The natural light will brighten up the room, and the arrangement of your furniture won’t look awkward. “Balancing” the furniture is key to making the room loo appealing. For example, if you have all your chairs on one side of the window, the room will look weird no matter how well the room is to designed to receive natural light. Apply the same principles for decorating your room, but instead of making the entertainment center  or some other furniture the focal point, make your windows the center of attention.

The sky is the limit after you arrange your furniture to optimize natural light. You can grow an indoor garden on the floor in the area underneath windows that get the most sun. You can enjoy the proven benefits of feeling sunlight on your skin during sunny days and you can use natural sunlight in place of turning on lights and running up your electric bill.

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