How Self-Pack Moving Companies Can Save You Money

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Hiring a self pack moving company cuts back on moving costs without making the moving process too much of a hassle. Apartment dwellers looking to save money should consider these types of companies in order to trim moving costs.

Convenience Versus Savings

Convenience always costs more. Hiring a full-service moving company-a company in which movers not only move your belongings but pack all of your belongings as well-is highly convenient and thus highly costly. Relying entirely on yourself and friends and family to pack and move your belongings is outwardly the least expensive way to move because it is the least convenient. A self-pack moving company, where you pack your own belongings in boxes provided by the moving company and the moving company does the moving, is somewhere in between as far as convenience. However, there are other factors that can make it the best choice when it comes to trimming moving costs as well.

When Moving Yourself

When it’s just you doing the moving instead of a self-pack moving company, you seem to be saving a lot of money. However, the added hassle is not always worth it-nor is the process as cheap as it might appear. Consider:

  • Moving boxes: Sometimes you can get moving boxes for cheap or free, but you have to take the time to go and find places and people who are willing to give you boxes. Plus, these boxes won’t always be in the best shape and may break during the moving process, but buying brand new boxes adds up quickly.
  • Lost time: Packing and moving without the help of professionals takes a lot of time. Perhaps you’ll have to take time off of work or school to get ready in time for moving day, losing out on income or the classes you paid to take.
  • Finding help: It’s not always simple to call on friends and family and get everything packed and moved in a day. People may genuinely want to help you but simply not have the time. Others don’t want to waste their own time. This means more time wasted packing and moving yourself-and more gas spent on trips back and forth.

When Using Full-Service Companies

Unlike many self-pack moving companies, some full-service companies charge a base fee on top of a per-box fee, which works to the apartment dweller’s disadvantage when comparing the amount of furnishings in an apartment versus a house. These companies are not entirely convenient, either. Consider:

  • Organization: Full-service moving companies pack your belongings for you, often with little rhyme or reason, as long as the items can be safely transported without breaking. When it comes to unpacking-whether you unpack or the company does for you-deciding where to put everything in the new place can take a lot of time. If you pack your own belongings, you can organize them by room or arrangement and make unpacking much less of a hassle.

Since moving your own furnishings is much more of a hassle-and not necessarily much of a savings-and hiring a full-service moving company is much more expensive-and possibly not entirely more convenient-the self-pack moving company can be the best option for you.

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