House Movers, Van Lines and Other Basic Moving Terms Explained

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Moving terms are important to know and learn so that you find the best house movers and sign documents that benefit (and not rob) you. If you’ve never hired professional movers, you might be confused about some of the terms you’re hearing as you call around for estimates. Here are a few basic moving terms to help:

House Movers

House movers, or household moving companies, will pack, load and move your things for you. You can choose to pack and unpack your own things, or hire them to do it for you for an extra fee.

Van Lines

Van lines specialize in moving the goods of people, businesses and the military from one location to the next, both locally and long distance. They can even transport belongings overseas. If you go with a van line, also called house removal services or relocation services, your property will be transported in the same truck with many other customers, so that the company can deliver more goods along a route.


When the house movers show up, they’ll want a complete list of everything being moved as well as the condition of your items. This protects them from wrongful claims that they damaged, stole or lost items. For example, if you claim that your computer monitor is brand new, that will be listed on the inventory sheet prior to them loading it in

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