Home Safety for Seniors

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When it comes to home safety for seniors, it’s essential to install items that aid in reducing falls, increase personal security and reduce any kind of vulnerability.

Install Grab Bars and Handrails

Falls are the number one cause of injury in the home. However, seniors are more likely to suffer a serious injury if they lose their footing. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, make sure you install grab bars in the bath or shower. Also, if they have stairs in their home, make certain they have handrails on both sides of the staircase. Give them a way to catch themselves if they should trip and fall.

Place Non-Slip Rugs in the House

Make sure that any rugs that are laid on the floor have non-skid rubber backs. In the bath and shower, place non-skid bath strips down so they can more easily keep their balance. Place a non-slip bath mat outside the bath or shower too.

Check to Make Sure Electrical Cords and Appliances are Safely Placed

Make sure that any electrical appliances in the kitchen or bathroom are set far away from any source of water. For example, don’t place the toaster or electrical can opener near the sink. Store hairdryers safely away and don’t leave them plugged in or near the bathtub or sink. If switches are located, say, inside the bathroom, have them moved outside of it.

Remove any electrical cords that are frayed or that could cause one to trip or fall. Also, don’t run any extension cords underneath rugs and make sure the electrical outlets are not overloaded with plugs. Don’t allow a senior to go to sleep using a heating pad. Always unplug it before she goes to bed. It can cause burns, even at a lower setting. Install working smoke detectors in each room of the house.

Install Needed Locks and Remove Any that Could Cause a Problem

Install deadbolt locks on entry doors, if needed. Make sure the entrance to the home has a solid core wood door. If it’s hollow, replace it with the more dependable and sturdy door. Install locks on windows as well as alarms. Make sure that a senior can’t get accidentally locked into a closet or another confined space or area as well. Therefore, check all the locks or door knobs in the house and replce any that suggest there might be a possible problem.

Use Extra Care When Handling Hot Foods and Beverages

Make sure that any hot foods or beverages are always set within reach toward the middle of the table, not near the edge where they could easily fall off and spill or cause serious burns. Place the handles of pot or pans, while cooking, toward the back of the stove. Also, when anything is spilled, make sure the liquid is immediately cleaned up to reduce the risk of a possible fall.

If you have a loved one in your family who is older, making a checklist of the aforementioned items and implementing them can help give you a little more peace of mind as to their well-being.

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