High-Rise and Low-Rise Apartments Compared

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When looking for an apartment you may look at low rise apartments and high rise apartments. There are some general differences between the two that may help you narrow down your decision.

For a Room With a View Choose a High Rise Apartment

If you are looking for an apartment in an urban area with a skyline, or any other area with a view, then high rise apartments are the better option. High rise apartments will provide you with a less obstructed view of the scenery, while low rise apartments will be blocked from the view by other buildings or trees.

For Elevator Service Choose a High Rise Apartment

If you are looking for an apartment building with an elevator, high rise apartment buildings are the better choice. Some low rise buildings have elevators, but they are not nearly as common. Elevators come in handy if you have small children. Carrying a child up and down the stairs, especially if you are carrying other things is not fun. Elevators are also great if you do a lot of bulk shopping. For example, if you are one of those people that goes to the grocery store everyday to pick up items, carrying that one bag is no big deal. If you are one of those people that goes grocery shopping once a week for a family of 4, carrying 20 bags of groceries up the stairs is a pain.

For Doorman Service Choose a High Rise Apartment

Many high rise apartments have the benefit of a doorman. A doorman is an added security benefit, as he will announce all guests before they come up to your apartment. If you get a lot of packages, having a doorman is nice because he will be able to receive the packages, and hold them until you get home rather than your having to pick them up at the post office or express mail location.

For City Living Choose a High Rise Apartment

For city living, high rise apartments are the better choice. You get the view and the service. Low rise apartments in cities do not usually have the same benefits of those in the suburbs. They are usually older, walk-up buildings.

For a Community Environment Choose a Low Rise Apartment

Low rise apartments, aside from those in urban areas, are generally set up in clusters as part of a community. The benefits of this community layout are the easier socialization with your neighbors, and the higher probability of open space and green areas.

For Amenities Choose a Low Rise Apartment

Low rise apartment complexes usually have on-site parking and amenities that are less likely to be found in high rise apartments, unless you look in luxury buildings. One amenity that many low rise apartment communities have is a swimming pool. This is a great benefit in the summer, not just for cooling off, but to socialize with your neighbors. Another amenity of many low rise apartments is a club house. The club house can usually be rented out for parties, or the community may host event nights, such as bingo night or yoga classes.


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