Help Finding a Month-to-Month Rental

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Month to month rentals are not as common as a year-long lease, but they can be found. Perhaps you are waiting to move into a new home, are in an unpredictable living situation, or just want to move to a new area for a summer.  Open ended leases allow you to move on short notice or after a short period of time.

Where are Month to Month Leases Found?

The most common form of month to month lease are found in situations where rooms within an apartment are rented out to people. These forms of month to month leases can be found in the local newspaper, online, and even posted at local stores. Many of these set-ups are done without having to sign a lease, do renters should be comfortable with those they would be living with.

If you are in need of a bigger space, you can find a house or apartment on a month to month basis too. However, you need to be careful of a few things. If it is a home you are dealing with, you need to make sure the home is in good standing. Check this by searching online (with your local clerk of courts) to make sure it is not in a lis pendens or a pre-foreclosure situation.

Cities and Metropolitan Areas

If you are looking for a month to month rental in cities and the surrounding areas, you will have better luck. This is due to the fact that many people pass through the city on a regular basis. Apartments, and other rentals, are constantly being flipped around to new renters because of the activity and lifestyle. Many large cities cater to those who are on an internship and only need temporary housing. You can obtain this information from the sources listed above, as well as find brokers and agents in the area.

Other Month to Month Sources

You may want to turn to friends and family to help with a month to month lease agreement. You would probably be able to get a better deal than you would on the market, and you’d know that your transaction is safe and secure. The other benefit of going this route is that you can have furnishings already in place. This is especially beneficial to those who are in the process of moving into a home that is not yet ready.

Another month to month option is extended stay hotels. There are many extended stay hotels that are available all across the globe. They usually offer fair rates, especially if you will be staying on a monthly basis. Other hotels are also an option, but will end up costing a lot more, and are typically not designed for that purpose.

Currently in an Apartment?

If you currently live in an apartment, check to see if your apartment will accommodate a month to month lease. If you are coming up on the end of your yearly lease, they might renew the lease on those terms. Even if apartments don’t usually negotiate month to month leases, they might be willing to if they have the availability.

The main thing to keep in mind when searching for a month to month lease is the credibility of the landlord. Review all terms and check their rating on the Apartment Ratings.

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