Healthy and Active Lifestyle: 5 Apartment Amenities that Can Help

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An apartment community with amenities that are helpful for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle can save you money and time in the long run. You’ll save costs on transportation and in many cases, enjoy more privacy at your apartment than at a large health center or gym. Here are a few apartment amenities to look for during your apartment search:

1 – Fitness Center

A fitness center, no matter how small, has something to offer you. It’s not a wise idea to invest in bulky exercise equipment when you’re renting, because they are difficult to move and you may end up losing a lot of money when you try to resell them. A fitness center may include a treadmill, exercise bike, weight lifting machines and other items that may not fit in your apartment. You shouldn’t have to pay for a gym membership if there’s a basic fitness center at the apartment building, which often has the same machines. If you feel that the apartment you’re considering has a fitness center that’s inadequate, there may be other ways to supplement the workout inside your apartment.

2 – Swimming Pool

Swimming is a great way to start and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Apartment swimming pools do tend to get crowded and you may not have much of an opportunity to workout during hot days at certain times. That’s not always the case though. The key is to squeeze in a workout when residents are less likely to be home or enjoying the pool, such as during early morning hours. You can shed weight and tone muscles by swimming laps. It’s also good for low impact aerobics, in case you’re suffering back or knee pain.

3 – Basketball Court

There’s no question that you’ll get a good workout while playing basketball. Playing basketball at your apartment may also present opportunities to meet your neighbors, as you engage in a few pick-up basketball games. The only thing you need to purchase is your own basketball, but there are also times when you can join in a game and use someone else’s ball. It’s also a way to work out outdoors, which can have a healthy impact on your body and mind.

4 – Spin Cycle Area

One motivation for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is working out with a group. Some apartments offer a spin cycle area, and as a result, groups form to work out together. If you prefer cycling to other forms of exercising, then be on the look out for this apartment amenity. Joining a group for spin cycle is also a good way to meet new friends and build relationships with other tenants.

5 – Sauna

Sitting in a sauna after a workout carries many health benefits. It can help to increase your metabolism, eliminate toxins from the body and relax the body. If maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is a priority to you, then try to find an apartment with a sauna.

You’ll have to prioritize the amenities that are a must-have for you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s rare to find an apartment with all of them.

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