Hang Your Heavy Mirror: 6 Tips for Avoiding Wall Damage

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If you’re looking for a way to hang a heavy mirror on a wall, you may want to look into some of the most common tips and tricks for hanging heavy objects in ways that won’t mess up walls or jeopardize stability. Hanging heavier mirrors is one of the more difficult tasks in setting up a new home or arranging a new housing space. With these time-tested methods, you’re more likely to be successful in getting your bigger mirrors neatly up on the wall.

1 Use D-Rings

Some heavy mirrors come with hardware called D-rings. These have a component that you can thread wire through, and another piece that attaches to the mirror. D-rings can help handle lateral force and create a more stable mount for a heavy mirror or wall hanging. If you don’t have them, look for them at your local hardware store.

2. Use Anchors

Anchors are another kind of hardware that’s commonly used for hanging heavy items. These pieces often have a horizontal design that goes into drywall and wall studs or other materials to solidly secure heavy items. Look for winged, threaded or sleeve-type anchors that work with your existing walls, and secure them where you want to install your mirror. Then fasten the existing hardware to the anchor, and you’ll have an installation that’s less likely to fail.

3. Use Heavy Wire

When hanging anything heavy, it’s best to use a higher, thicker grade of wire in order to make sure that this isn’t going to be the weakest link when gravity threatens your installation over time.

4. Use Mating Wood Strips

Making your own interlocking wood pieces is another innovative way to hang a heavy mirror or piece of wall art. Create two pieces of wood, thin strips if possible, that dovetail neatly together. Install one of them level with the floor on the wall, and secure the other one to the back of your mirror. You will have a pre-built setup for hanging your mirror in a stable way.

5. Use Mirror Mounting Techniques

Lots of heavy mirrors attach to a dresser or other piece of furniture to help stabilize them and hold them aloft. Even if your mirror doesn’t come attached to a dresser or wardrobe, you can attach it yourself if both pieces are a permanent part of your room design. Just add some wooden backing and screw the mirror to the back of the dresser or other piece.

6. Frames

Other heavy mirrors have their own wooden or metal frames. In the absence of these frames, you could make a frame to hold your mirror at any given distance from the floor, with the right attractive wood pieces and hardware.

All of the above can help you manage hanging a heavy glass and wood mirror that is a little trickier to fix solidly on your wall, whether you’re dealing with drywall or plaster. Take a look and select the technique that fits your home space.

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