Great Dogs for Apartment Living: Yorkshire Terrier

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One of the nicest little dogs for apartment life is the Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie (for short). That’s because the small dog does well without a yard. Therefore, indoor environments suit him fine. The small dog stands approximately six to seven inches (15 to 17 cm.) tall and weighs in at a meager seven pounds (or 3.2 kg.).

The breed, known for its silky blue and tan coat, is renowned as a prized showdog who is noted for his friendly and alert disposition. Therefore, if you’re contemplating adopting or purchasing a small pet to keep you company, the following information can help you decide if the Yorkie is the dog for you.


Although the dog possesses a long silky coat, he doesn’t shed as most dogs do, and therefore, does not present the problems other dogs can with regards to allergies for their owners. Only when brushed does the dog have any significant loss of hair. Otherwise, by most allergists’ standards, the dog’s coat can be considered hypoallergenic. Using a bristle brush is a good choice for daily grooming. His hair can become quite long in front of his face, so many owners will tie it back with a ribbon to add a bit of doggie “chic.”


The Yorkshire terrier is a little bundle of energy and can be readily trained as long as you show firm, but gentle leadership. Because of the dog’s small size, many owners tend to let the cute Lilliputian dog get away with more than they would with a larger-sized dog. However, this isn’t wise as the dog will then resist authority and can become a behavioral problem. Therefore, as long as you learn that the dog needs to be guided just like other larger dogs, he should make a lively and companionable pet.

Excellent Guard Dog

Even though this terrier is renowned for its miniature size, he still shows great boldness. He will bark at anybody or any strange dog whom he perceives as a threat.

Easy Maintenance

Although the dog has a long coat, if the texture is silky, as it should be in most healthy Yorkies, the dog only needs a daily brushing and monthly bath. Feed the small dog dry dog food and add canned food in order to keep the dog’s teeth in good condition. With regards to expense, if the dog is healthy, he presents little cost to the owner.

A Cautionary Note

Yorkies, because of their tiny size, tend to be beset with a number maladies, so it’s good to be aware of this. For instance, the dog is susceptible to such ailments as bronchitis, digestive disturbances and paralysis in their hindquarters from herniated disks. Because of possible digestive upset, unusual treats should be avoided. Also, they need daily walks. Behavioral problems can result if they aren’t walked every day. However, if you give your Yorkie the proper care, he can be a wonderful companion to for many years (up to 15 in fact).

The above information will give you a better understanding of what it means to own a Yorkie. If you’re looking for a companion, they are definitely worth your consideration.


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