Going Green in Your Kitchen: Five Useful Tips

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Going green around the home is a great way to get the family involved in saving money around the house and being more eco-friendly. The kitchen can be a very wasteful room in the house and one of the easiest to make some big changes. Take a look around your kitchen and see if some of these tips can help make your kitchen a little greener.

1. Think Green When Cleaning

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that probably gets cleaned the most frequently. If you think about how many paper towels are used on a daily basis wiping down countertops and stovetops, it is a huge waste. Instead, use cleaning cloths that are reusable such as old kitchen towels or a microfiber cloth. Save up a pile to keep under the kitchen sink for quick wipe downs and then throw them in the laundry after a few uses. Use green cleaners along with the cloths to make cleaning even greener. Using non toxic cleaners is not only good for the environment but prevents you and your family from breathing harsh chemicals as well.

2. Become Energy Efficient

Kitchen remodels can be quite expensive but if you start adding up how much money you may save in the long run by choosing more energy efficient appliances, it may be worth it. If you can not afford a full kitchen remodel then as the kitchen appliances go out throughout the years and need replacement, choose to replace them with energy efficient models. Energy efficient dishwashers use less water and less power and energy efficient refrigerators can cut power usage a lot considering it is an appliance that is constantly running.

3. Recycle Instead of Throwing Away

There are many convenience items available today that really are not necessary. Plastic cups, styrofoam plates and plastic silverware may be quick and easy but add up to a lot of wasteful trash. Instead use your regular dishes and save on trash. If you do use those handy, plastic items for crowds of company then simply rewash them and save them for next time. Ziploc bags are another convenience item that can be washed and used over again.

4. Start a Compost

A compost can be started very easily and with not a lot of work on your end. Food related items that get thrown away on a daily basis like a banana peel or grounds from the coffee pot can be put to use. After you start collecting the remains of food you might realize the tremendous amount of food wasted every day. Buy a composting bin for your kitchen or just find something around your house to use for one.

5. Lighting That Will Last

Probably the easiest way to make an impact in your kitchen going green is to change out all your lighting. Replace all the light bulbs with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs will not only use less energy, but save you a lot of money because you will not have to replace your light bulbs as often.

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