Frugal Design Ideas: Build a Hanging Headboard

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If you want to save money, you can save quite a bit if you build your own headboard. One way this can be accomplished is simply by using an artist’s canvas, some fabric and a staple gun. This frugal design idea can save money on furniture and can accommodate a number color schemes. Plus if you get tired of the fabric you choose, you can easily replace it with other material and have a new look for your bedroom. Following are the steps to take to make your own easy decorative headboard.

Choose the Canvas

First you’ll need to choose the artist’s canvas you’ll use for the headboard. You’ll need to measure the width of your bed. The headboard as a rule should be slightly wider than the mattress. Therefore, you’ll need to find an artist’s canvas that is broad enough to fit this requirement.

Choose the Fabric

You have a variety of options with regards to your fabric selection. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that the texture and colors of the material for your headboard blend well with your pillows, linens or duvet you have on your bed. A good way to choose your headboard fabric is to make sure it coordinates nicely with the colors of the drapes in your bedroom and that the shades and tones on the bed augment this look. For instance, if your drapes are pale green and beige, you can choose these colors for the headboard and use pale green and/or beige on your bed along with a complementary color like rose to bring the color theme together. Whether the material is linen, soft cotton or velvet, you want to make sure the texture of the fabric and colors for your headboard harmonize well with the materials used on the bed and the treatments for the windows.

Cover the Headboard

Next you’ll want to use an electric staple gun with 1/4″ staples and affix your fabric to the artist’s canvas. Turn the canvas face down on the back of the material. Staple the material onto the artist’s canvas placing staples about every two inches around the edge of the frame. Trim the excess material with a scissors. Turn the canvas over to make certain the fabric is a smooth fit.

Hang the Headboard

To hang the headboard, you’ll need to use flush brackets to accomplish this purpose. Find the studs on the wall where you plan to hang the headboard. Affix the bottom half of the mounts to the studs and span them out within the framework of the artist’s canvas as much as you can. Use the headboard to determine the area of the receiving mount and drill a hole for each mount. Now you’re ready to attach the headboard to the wall.

Situate the Bed

Push the mattress and frame up against the wall making sure they’re centered nicely in front the the headboard.

This is a practical and easy headboard to assemble and can be adapted to almost any decor. If you want to create a headboard that is versatile and unique, this is definitely the one to make.

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