Four Common Mistakes When Decorating Small Apartments

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Decorating small apartments requires finding a balance between having all of the things you think you need and not overcrowding a small apartment. It can be a difficult task. If you are downsizing from a bigger apartment, you will need to take an assessment of what you have already and what is a real necessity. There are several common mistakes people make when decorating small apartments.

1. Dark Colors

Avoid dark colors that will make a room feel even smaller than it already is. Warm colors can make a small apartment feel cozy and comfortable while light colors will make it feel more open and roomy. Try not to use too many patterns on the wall or furniture that will make a small space feel too busy.

2. Not Enough Light

An important thing to consider with smaller apartments is lighting. Nothing can make a small apartment feel more like a dark cave than a lack of light. Provide lamps in each room if there is no overhead lighting. Providing a warmly lit room will make it appear more spacious. Make use of any natural light sources as much as possible. Use window treatments that allow in a lot of natural light. Another trick using window treatments is to hang curtains at the very top of the wall down to the floor. This elongates the space and will trick the eye in to believing it is bigger than it actually is.

3. Large and Bulky Furniture

Using furniture that is large or really bulky in a small space is only going to make it feel cramped and even smaller than it really is. Choose small pieces that will not overcrowd a room. Nice fold up chairs can be used when company comes to save space. Using short pieces of furniture like ottomans as extra seating will make the room appear larger as well. In general, avoid tall coaches and chairs that will make the room appear crowded. Any necessary tall pieces should be placed along walls. Using multi-purpose furniture is another great way to save space. Coffee tables that open for storage or even chairs that now convert to a table will allow you to have pieces that can be used in different ways as needed. There are even coffee tables that convert in to a dining table for the singles who only need a table when company is over.

4. Over Accessorizing

Probably one of the most common mistakes people make when decorating a small apartment is using too many accessories. Shelves crowded with knick knacks and mementos are going to make a small apartment feel claustrophobic. For now, box away any items that you have a personal attachment to and get rid of the rest of it. Keeping shelves and tables free of clutter is one of the best ways to make a space feel more open. This rule needs to also be followed when it comes to wall decor. Too many paintings or photos on the wall overcrowds it. Use a few accents on the walls as focal points instead of covering walls with photos.

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