5 Apartment Design Trends This Spring

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Spotting home decor trends is sort of one of my hobbies if you can even put decor spotting into that category. Hobby or not, I totally enjoy adding cool items to enhance my space and I’m always on the lookout for new decor trends and ideas that I love. It’s too early in the year to call the ones that will stick, but here are five home design trends I have been spotting online recently and in stores this spring. I know there are a few that I want to incorporate into my decor and I hope you find one or two that you like as well.


From soft florals to bold geometrics, patterns go in and out of home design trends and this year is no different. Last year the chevron pattern was everywhere, but recently I noticed those items are now on the clearance shelves and items with these patterns are popping up in their place.

Quatrefoil – a centuries old symmetrical shape that stands for four leaves or four flowers that by itself is nothing new. This year, designers are placing white or neutral quatrefoils with jewel colors as well as multiplying the design into what is known as the trellis quatrefoil. The trellis quatrefoil is a essentially a repeated quatrefoil that looks like a trellis and this year you can’t miss them. Match the jewel background color with some solid color pieces and your place will pop.

Botanical – the botanical patterns I recently spotted display bigger designs than the typical small floral pattern with tiny flowers. Not only are the flowers bigger, but the patterns are not limited to just flowers. With big leaves or twisted branches, this year’s botanical patterns are one of my favorites and sure to bring a natural feel to any renters place. Seen in a lot of natural colors, these patterns will mix well with the next trend.


Incorporating natural items and textures has been around for years and this year, natural comes with its own texture in the form of all things wood. Indoors or out, the wood décor trends I spotted are upcycled wood pallets, unfinished natural cut woods just waiting for your personal touch, and driftwood. Look online if you can’t think of any inspiration and you will find hundreds of ideas such as the driftwood coat rack and the upcycled wood pallet wine rack I recently saw. Every renter needs a wine rack right?


Gone are the days we buy awesome wall decals with cool messages only to suffer hours of sticking them back up when they start to peel. This year, inspirational messages, cool quotes, and even just mixed words are going on the wall in the form of signs. From the DIY wood pallet welcome sign to the vintage tin style metal signs, this year wall art is coming off the wall in 3D. Multiple signs are a fun way to add depth to your walls or just go with a large statement piece for your visitors to admire.


Lighting is never out of style because we need it, but that doesn’t mean we have to be happy with just the glass globe provided in most rentals. This year’s trend is the statement lighting piece and the style is unlimited. Just because you rent doesn’t mean you have to skip this fun trend; floor lamps and hanging lanterns are two ways to have your statement lighting piece without rewiring anything. The hottest lighting trend I spotted this year is beautiful cut crystal hanging lights. For those who want it but really cannot hang anything, you can now purchase cut crystal light bulbs. I had to try one when I saw it for only four dollars and I can say it makes a very cool pattern on the ceiling and the floor.

Gold Accents

Honestly, I saved this one for last because I am actually a little surprised gold accents are popping up this year. I thought maybe it would never come back, but who knows, maybe it will actually catch on – it certainly does sparkle and shine! So far this year I spotted gold trim and accents on all sorts of home decor items such as beverage coasters, lamps, signs, pillows, flower vases, and even headboards. The good news is that this year’s gold is not the brassy gold you may be picturing, it’s more of a champagne gold which I think is easier to work with and mixes better with this year’s other trends.

While trends change every year, those are just a few I spotted so far that I think you might enjoy. I already have some favorites in mind for my space and encourage you to find something cool for your place because who knows – maybe your decor idea will be the one to stick and it never hurts to add something cool to your space.

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