Finding Furnished Apartments for Rent Abroad

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Finding furnished apartments for rent in a foreign city doesn’t have to be challenging. You can use the same methods you would use in the United States for finding an apartment. Technology is of great use when trying to find a home overseas, in the form of social networking sites and general websites that list furnished apartments abroad. Whether you’re going abroad to work or go to school, try these methods for locating the right living quarters for you:

Apartment Websites

Like, there are websites dedicated to matching prospective tenants with the right apartment abroad. For example, you can search for furnished apartments for rent in many top destination cities on You can post a “Housing Wanted” ad or search through the “Housing Available” ads. You can sign up to receive notifications when an apartment becomes available. However, furnished rentals are competitive, and therefore it’s best to view the ads once or twice a day to see if anything shows up in the city you’re moving to.

Local Newspaper Online Ads

Research all the newspapers in your destination city and bookmark the classified ads section of all the ones available. Check the ads for furnished apartments. You may not have much luck with this route if you’re relocating to a small city with no online newspaper, but you will for medium sized and large cities.

Local Colleges and Universities

This approach is two-fold. Whether or not you’re a student, you should visit your local colleges and universities to find out about apartments for rent abroad. Find out what department handles work and study abroad programs and speak to the advisors or teachers in charge. Ask them for help with finding furnished apartments for rent in your city of choice. They may have relationships with agencies, local apartment brokers and other people that they can refer you to. The second approach is to contact the local college or university abroad, doing the exact same thing long distance. Ask them for referrals to their contacts and whether they’re aware of any housing available. The college itself may have housing available.

Social Networking

Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites when looking for your apartment. Let followers, friends and members know that you’re looking for furnished apartments for rent in a particular town or city. Ask them for leads as well as additional resources to scout that you may not have thought about. People can be helpful on social networking sites, and you may even get a “tweet” back from a potential landlord.

Craigslist and Yahoo!

Don’t forget to check to see if there are listings the city. You can find everything from luxury apartments to vacation apartments in many foreign cities on Craigslist, but the options for cities available to search is limited. If you’re having trouble on finding something on Craigslist, or if it doesn’t list your city, then skip over to Yahoo! Classifieds. View ads available and post your own ads to find something.

It takes more work to find furnished apartments for rent in another country, but they are available. The great thing is you won’t have to worry about moving furniture overseas or spend more time shopping around for it.

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