Feng Shui Decorating for the Studio Apartment

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Feng Shui decorating is based on the ancient Chinese art of the placement of objects, and it is popularly used today in interior design. Simply put, its premise is based on a certain arrangement of furniture in order to achieve an even flow of energy. Feng Shui decorating can also be accomplished in a studio apartment. Here are some simple guidelines.

Feng Shui and Studios

All across the board in Feng Shui, uncluttering is a reoccurring theme. This would be especially true in your studio apartment, since you are dealing with a smaller living space. Therefore, removing clutter should be your number one priority. Toss out or donate items that you no longer use, and take advantage of the wide assortment of plastic and decorative containers available today (to store away your seasonal items).

Another important concept in Feng Shui is to have each room in the home separate from the other. Each room has its own purpose and, therefore, a different energy. In a studio apartment, this concept can be adapted by using curtains, screens, room dividers, or perhaps a comforting mosquito net draped over your bed. If you have not yet moved into your apartment, spend some time there while it is still vacant (in order to visualize where you’d like to place the living room, dining area, sleep area, etc.).

Here are some simple Feng Shui decorating ideas for the key areas in your studio apartment:

The Bedroom

  • Use soothing, pastel, or pale colors to promote relaxation and calmness.
  • Do not place your bed under a window, as it is said that your energy can flow out of it while you sleep. If your studio space is small and you have no alternate placement for your bed, sleep with your head away from the window.
  • Choose soft lighting in the form of lamps — avoid ceiling light. Candles work great as well, with soy candles being a perfect choice since there are no toxins involved.

The Kitchen/Dining Area

  • In Feng Shui, the kitchen represents the health and prosperity of the home.
  • The use of fresh flowers and fruit bring positive energy. Keep a bowl of fruit on your table; place fresh flowers on the countertop or windowsill. If fresh flowers are impracticable or do not fit your budget, a potted plant is a great alternative.
  • White or yellow are the top Feng Shui kitchen color choices. White because it reflects natural light and yellow because it is said to stimulate digestion.

The Living Room

  • In Feng Shui, the living room is deemed the room of opportunity. This can lead to an opportunity for friends and family to learn more about one another.
  • Warm earth tones are best used to create an atmosphere of welcome.
  • Arranging seating in a circular manner so that no feels left out of a discussion.
  • Family photos on the walls are a great way to inflect the feeling of unity.

The ancient art of Feng Shui is simple, yet very deep. These suggestions will get you started on your journey to decorating your studio apartment the Feng Shui way.

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