Exposed Brick Apartment Decorating Tips

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Exposed apartment brick walls can make a very impressive statement in your home if you treat them the correct way. Although exposed brick isn’t comfortable to brush up against, and it can get dusty from time to time, brick walls can be beautiful. If you decorate appropriately around them, they can be a strong asset to your apartment. In fact, if you keep the right mindset, exposed brick in your apartment can be the focal point that your other decor so desperately needs.

Sealing the Brick

Because brick tends to crumble, you will probably want to seal it. Sealing isn’t very difficult to do, but be aware that you should only seal one side of the brick. If only one side of the brick wall is visible, then you can safely seal the visible side with no problems.

However, if the brick in question is visible on both sides, as it would be in a brick column or a brick wall separating two rooms, do not attempt to seal the brick on your own. Brick is made of clay, and if it is sealed with the incorrect kind of sealant on all sides, the brick inside may start to crumble due to moisture being unable to evaporate. This does not pose a problem if you are only sealing one side of the brick, so any sealant will do if both sides are not visible.

Drawing Attention

Exposed brick always stands out. That’s why one of the strongest things you can do with a brick wall is to deliberately cover a portion of it with something you want everyone to notice. Your favorite painting, scroll, or other wall decoration will look most ideal when it is hanging right in front of your exposed brick wall. When surrounded by brick, almost any decoration immediately calls attention to itself. This technique is about as effective as when an entire wall only has a single decoration on it. The loneliness of a decoration on brick always elevates it to a higher importance.

Color Coordinating

One of the challenges of decorating around a brick wall is often color coordinating the room. If it’s a red brick wall, there are some colors that just won’t go. However, if you decide to go with it, opting for colors that match or contrast beautifully, the wall looks that much more attractive and as a chosen part of the apartment.

Surrounding and Directing

Although there are many different methods you can use to decorate around your exposed brick, one of the most classic is to have all other decor point toward the focal brick. If your room concentrates on shades of color, have the deepest colors further from and the lightest
tints adjacent to the exposed brick. If your room concentrates on collection pieces, have your prize piece displayed on the brick wall,
with each successively close piece being less in some intensity (such as lesser size, lesser roundness, lesser casing). By setting up the
room to point toward your exposed brick, you will be complementing the natural tendency for the brick to take immediate attention from your guests.

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