Entry Tables: Form and Function

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For many who are furnishing homes or other properties, entry tables are a critical part of furnishing an entry space, whether it’s a hallway or a foyer or lobby. Different styles of tables accommodate different spaces. Thinking about these furnishing design elements is part of getting the best look and the best convenience for a space.

Entry Tables: Form and Function

Small entry tables are more than just decoration. They’re a place to set out introductory decorations for visitors, such as standing photos or showy lamps. They also serve a very important function: providing a handy place to throw your keys or other small items on entry, making life a lot less hectic for those who are always hunting for what was in their pockets. Overall, an entry table complements a space in both style and functional use.

Types of Entry Tables

A very common type of entry table is perfect for those who have both style and function in mind. Common table types may look great, but in terms of function, they may really get in the way and inhibit access to the entry area. The solution? A kind of small, narrow table called a console table. Console tables are made to fit a narrow hallway. Their narrow, thin designs fit neatly into the corner or side of a room, politely inviting visitors to stride by. Many different styles of console tables in different heights and materials are available for tight hallways or other smaller entry ways.

Another type of table is commonly used in wider, more expansive entries. A foyer table is generally a low circular table that often stands in the center of a room. In a large entry that can end up looking empty, the foyer table provides a “center” where visitors can huddle, tying the room together. You can see these kinds of entry tables in the broad, open entry rooms of hotels.

Yet another kind of entry table has a historic name and an exotic history. The credenza, as a general type of furniture, is not unlike an entry table, although the credenza generally includes cupboards. The name credenza comes from an Italian word meaning “belief” and dates back to the times of food tasters who tested alimentary offerings to ancient kings. Nowadays, the credenza provides a slightly different option for entry tables, including storage space in cupboards underneath the table surface. Modern credenzas, also called “sideboards,” are used in many restaurants, as well as the kitchens of larger homes or estates. They provide an easy place to set extra dishes of food that will not fit on a dining table, but they also provide great options for furnishing an entry space.

Lots of different entry table designs will add style to empty-looking anterooms. Choose options that fit with the overall style of other pieces. It’s also a good idea to evaluate how the often thin and fragile pieces of a small console table will hold up over time, and whether they need to be reinforced in order to hold heavy lamps or other decorations with some weight.

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