Energy Saving Tips for Technogeeks

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Technogeeks may need energy saving tips more than most people because they use electronics constantly. Without having to cut back on the use of your favorite gadgets, you can find other ways to save energy in order to lower your utility bill and/or reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Look for the ENERGY STAR

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy are sponsors of the ENERGY STAR rating system. A sticker with the ENERGY STAR logo is added to all electricity-using products that qualify as efficient. Although it differs from product to product, electronics with the ENERGY STAR logo typically burn somewhere between 20% and 30% less energy than the federal standard to which all electronics of its type must adhere.

Although ENERGY STAR is traditionally used to help people know which household appliances can save energy, ENERGY STAR energy saving tips extend to technogeeks as well. Computers and computer peripherals are frequent users of the ENERGY STAR logo, so when you’re looking to make an investment the latest in computer technology, make sure it’s going to burn through less energy to save you money. Much of a computer’s ENERGY STAR qualifications are determined by whether or not the computer uses an 80 PLUS energy efficient power supply unit to run.

Charge with Solar Power

Many of a technogeek’s favorite electronics are portable and portable electronics don’t use energy from your apartment—most of the time. Don’t forget that you typically have to plug a portable device in to recharge it, and if you’re a technogeek, you’re probably recharging your electronics more often than most people. An individual device may not use a lot of power to charge up, but multiple devices charged multiple times per week for hours at a time can certainly contribute significantly to the amount of power you use.

Effective lists of energy saving tips for technogeeks, then, suggest that you start using the power of the sun to charge your portable devices. You won’t have to make any fancy conversions; just purchase a universal solar charger, which you can charge by sunlight or just the light in your apartment and then transfer that light energy into your portable devices.

Unplug When Not in Use

Although some technogeeks prefer to leave their computers running all of the time, you may choose to power it down when you’re not in use. Regardless, there are other types of techno gadgets that even technogeeks will turn off at night. However, even when your electronics are shut off, they’re still draining power in what’s called the “vampire power” effect. This is more easily seen in electronics that run a clock or have a red “off” button on even when the gadget is not in use, but all gadgets that remain plugged in are draining some amount of power. Savvy technogeek energy savings tips suggest to make it a habit to unplug your electronics and power adapters when you’re not using those electronics.

Following energy saving tips for technogeeks can help you cut back on your energy use without asking you to stop using all of your fun and convenient electronics. Being an electronics geek doesn’t mean you have to use up a lot of energy in your apartment.

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  1. June 22, 2010 at 1:45 pm, Chris said:

    Great tips! I’m a huge tech geek and definitely hate opening my utility bill. I’ll give these a try and see how it helps. Thanks for the advice


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