Energy Efficient Heating: Stocking up on Blankets

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Stocking up on blankets is key to your plans for energy efficient heating. It’s not the entire solution to reducing your energy costs, but it can make a difference in your utility bills. When you’re moving to a new apartment, and need to reduce your moving load, you may think that it’s best to get rid of your blankets. Hold on to the good ones though, because some blankets will help you save money on energy at your new apartment.

What Type of Blankets to Stock

Large and bulky comforters are not necessarily the best blankets to stock up on for your energy efficient heating. They are great to have around for decorative purposes, but don’t bother packing them if you are moving and only want to hold on to a few blankets. Sell them in a yard sale or avoid purchasing them in the first place.

Instead, buy wool blankets or at least a wool blend if that’s more affordable. Wool blankets will keep you warm. It’s the type of blanket that emergency experts recommend you have on hand during natural disasters, in case the power goes out and you are not able to turn on the heater. A cotton blanket will not keep you as warm, and if it gets wet, it won’t dry in a power outage. Check local stores for wool blankets, but if you’re having trouble finding 100 percent wool blankets, try a military surplus store. You can also try buying one on

How Many Blankets to Stock

Every member of your household should have two blankets. It’s expensive to buy at least two wool blankets each, but it’s more expensive to live without energy efficient heating. The difference between buying enough wool blankets and a monthly heating bill is significant. Each child needs their own blanket, because sharing may not be possible. One child might fall asleep, and another may be awake and need a blanket somewhere else in your apartment. Whether it’s for everyday use or emergencies, you will be glad that every person you live with has their own blankets to stay warm.

Blankets on the Windows

Wrapping yourself in a blanket is one way to reduce your need to turn on the heat pump or other heating source. Energy efficient heating with blankets also involves hanging them up on your windows. The blankets will insulate your rooms, especially if your windows are old and not well sealed. The heat will remain trapped in your apartment, and the heat won’t turn on as often, if you’re using a thermostat controlled system. You won’t need to manually turn on the heat either. The blankets also keep the cold air out.

You can hide the blankets with draperies and window treatments, so that it’s not an eyesore to guests. Nail the blankets to the wall, or tape it well with duct tape if you want to avoid putting holes in the wall.

Have blankets available in each room, ready to use. Your efforts toward energy efficient heating will pay off.

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