Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Products to Consider

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When it comes to cat litter and a lot of other pet products, there’s been a growing trend towards diversity of selection. Manufacturers are now looking at producing eco-friendly and greener options for lots of consumer products, including cat litter. Buyers can find a wide array of environmentally friendly cat litter that will help cut down on the carbon footprint of the domesticated feline. Here are some best-selling options for a greener paw print in the cat box, items that are likely to replace some of the more synthetic varieties of cat litter now on the market.

Post-Consumer Newspaper Content

Various cat litter products incorporate materials like old newspaper into handy cat litter pellets. Some buyers like this kind of product for its common sense recycled process, but other cat owners report that it can get tracked around the house. It’s helpful to think about post-consumer content in cat litter and other products as a way to manage better conservation by using paper and similar materials efficiently.

Wood Shaving Products

Other companies offer pine shavings, lumber mill by-products, and other kinds of green cat litter that, while they do represent recycled use, might not absorb cat urine as well as some other materials. For those who live in areas with a lot of these waste materials, this might be a good option for getting cheaper cat litter directly from a processing facility.

Wheat-Based Cat Litter Products

These interesting products are actually made from wheat. Other similar ones are made from corn or other plants. Some of these might be problematic when introducing your cat to a new type of litter, because the smell might disorient the cat’s sense of litter as opposed to food.

Untreated Clay Products

Some untreated clay products could be seen as green cat litter, relative to the more synthetic materials that manufacturers are making for more convenience and easier cleanup. Look for specific information on the cat litter box that shows you how the litter product is naturally produced.

Grass or Vegetation-Based Cat Litter Pellets

Some other cat litter products now include a lot of grasses or other organic substances. Some reported issues with these are similar to the problems with wheat or corn-based litters-they can give off strange odors. However, using these naturally produced and sustainable materials can help give your cat’s litter box a more positive impact on the environment.

Look for these and other eco-friendly cat litter options in the aisle of your local supermarket or pet care store, along with more natural organic food options, and sustainable development of cat toys, cat beds and other accessories for your pets. As manufacturers get serious about tackling consumer waste issues, we will continue to see innovative and effective green solutions for consumer products, including all of the gear that cat owners use to make their pets feel at home.

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