Easter Decorating Ideas

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Smart Easter decorating ideas for your apartment can bring a little of the festivity of the holiday to your home without being overly gaudy or expensive. Just select one of two themes and work from there.


The first theme goes back to the reason behind the holiday, the Christian religion. If Easter has a deep, spiritual meaning to you, then your Easter decorating should reflect your feelings. Just remember to keep the decorations classy and laidback. If you overdecorate, it becomes obnoxious and the purpose of effective decorating is to get you in the mood for the celebration.

Try a few of these ideas:

  • Make a crucifix or a cross the central point of your decor. Hand one in a central location you will frequently see in the apartment, such as above the entranceway or on the wall in the living room.
  • Decorate with soft pastel springtime colors. Drape party ribbon in soft pastel colors such as pink, green, purple, yellow and light blue from the ceiling or framing windows. If ribbon seems too gaudy, drape soft pastel fabrics over chairs and sofa to seamlessly incorporate the colors into the room.
  • Incorporate the Bible. Choose your favorite passages from the Bible that you think bring out the reasons behind the celebration and type them in large fonts in pastel colors on your computer. Print them out and hang them on the wall to remind you.


Whether you’re deeply Christian or not, you still may enjoy Easter for its fun, springtime theme. You can then turn to the popular, cute themes of Easter decorating for your apartment: the flowers, decorated eggs, rabbits and baby farm animals.

Start with any of these ideas:

  • Make an Easter egg tree the focal point of your decor. An old German Easter tradition is to paint boiled eggs and use them to decorate the branches of a pine tree like that used at Christmas. This makes a fun Easter decoration and a perfect focal point. You can drag out your fake Christmas tree if you’re truly ambitious, but in the interest of saving space in your apartment, use a small tabletop fake tree.
  • Use bold and pastel colors. Soft pastel colors of pink, purple, green, yellow and blue truly bring out the springtime season, but since you’re going for a more classic springtime theme, you can decorate with bolder versions of these colors, too. Hang ribbons, cover furniture and buy flowers in any of these colors. Since these colors work for more than just Easter decorating, you can keep these basic springtime touches up even after the holiday has passed.
  • Incorporate animal images. Use your computer to print out clipart or actual images of rabbits, baby chicks, baby lambs and any other baby farm animal that you like. Hang these images on the walls around your apartment.

Whether you choose to center your Easter decorating around a religious or classic theme, a few classy or cute touches to your apartment is all you need to get yourself in the mood for the celebration. Just remember that sometimes less is more and don’t go overboard with the decor, especially since you live in an apartment with limited storage.

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