Does a Criminal Record Prevent You from Leasing an Apartment?

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While the process of leasing an apartment may be tricky to some, those with a criminal record may find it almost impossible. A criminal record may prevent the leasing of an apartment. However, there may be some steps to take to turn the impossible into something manageable.

Be Upfront About The Past

A landlord might receive you better if before agreeing to a background check, you are honest and upfront with him regarding your past. By not trying to hide the felony, the landlord might perceive you as a changed person.

Show Proof Of Outcome Of Criminal Felony

In felony charges, the outcomes may vary. Meaning, if you received probation for a first-time offense, a landlord may be more willing to work with you. By providing court documents that provide the charge against you, length of probation, and documentation stating that you finished your probation without further incident,this might counteract the doubt of a landlord.

Provide Co-Signer

By providing a co-signer who has no felonies, and one with preferably great credit, the landlord might overlook the felony, depending on the nature of the crime. A drug felony, rape or murder felony are charges that almost no landlord would be willing to overlook. With the signature of a co-signer, the landlord might be more comfortable renting the unit.

Expunge The Record

While this can not be done on every background, some records can be sealed. By doing this, the felony will no longer be on your record. Not every felony can be sealed, and to do this, a lawyer would probably be the best way to go. It might be a pricey and lengthy process, but the end result would be worth it.

No Background-Check Rentals

While these may be hard to find, they do exist. By doing a Google search for no background check rentals, a list can be obtained. The location, price, and condition might not be what you had in mind, but this would be a good back up plan in case you can’t rent what you want due to the felony.

In today’s society, most people are all business when it comes to matters of money. Most might not take the time to get interview you as a person, they will see your background and not give you a second thought. Be aware that there are still some landlords who might listen to you explain your situation and be willing to give a second chance.

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