DIY Planters for Your Balcony Garden

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If you’re going to plant your own balcony garden, why not make do-it-yourself DIY planters? You’ll cut down your costs and get the personal satisfaction of using your own creativity. If you’re not sure what to use, here are some ideas to try:


Don’t throw away old metal pots and bread pans, or other metal containers. Use them in your balcony garden as containers for your plants and flowers. You’ll need to drill holes in them, but they’ll make excellent DIY planters. Get creative and make one theme entirely out of your old metal wares around your apartment.

Wooden Toolbox

Take an old wooden toolbox (or the one you’ve got), drill holes at the bottom for drainage and you’ve got a DIY planter to use on your balcony. The dividers are perfect for separating the plants. Just add potting soil, fertilizer (if you choose) and your plants, and you’ve got a great self-contained planter. You can also use them as window boxes if there’s enough space.

Glass Jars

Do you have a glass jar collection and don’t know what to do with it? There are many food items that come in jars such as tomato sauce, jams, salsa and more. You don’t have to throw those away. Instead, use them as planters in your balcony garden. You can create mini water gardens in each one. A combination of large and small jars, when properly arranged, will make your balcony look creative and peaceful.

Antique DIY Planters

Antiques can make great DIY planters, and that’s good news for antique lovers. Toy wagons, old wheelbarrows and other antiques can extend your apartment decor to your balcony. However, you’ll have to be willing to alter them to provide drainage for your plants. Keep that in mind, so that you don’t choose an item that’s too valuable for this project.

Plastic Planters

These tend to be the most popular of all the choices, because plastics are easy to find. You’ve probably got several right now in your refrigerator. Milk, soft drinks and water bottles are all good choices. You can even plant upside down tomato plants in plastic DIY containers, making it a fun project for your entire family. One benefit of plastic containers is that  you don’t have to water the plants as much, because they will retain more water than the other DIY planters mentioned.

Wooden Planters

If you enjoy woodworking, why not build your own wooden planters? If you’ve got scraps of wood material from other projects, or older furniture that you’re thinking about trashing, use it to build simple square or rectangular boxes that can fit right in your balcony garden. Be sure to leave tiny spaces between the wood so that the water can drain. You can also take the extra step and paint your boxes to match your balcony decor.

Now that you know your options, save the containers you use instead of throwing them out. Evaluate whether they would make a good candidate for a DIY planter.

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