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Wondering how to give your apartment an inexpensive, yet trendy face lift? Don’t be left with a design that is so last year! Take a look at this list of design items that are a little bit out compared to styles that are trending now.

Heavy Metal

Brass, cooper and gold are hot right now which means it is time to go a bit metallic. Replace wood mirror and picture frames with ones in a gold or silver tone. Pick up some brass flower pots to show off your green thumb. Or a big copper vase filled with bright blooms can be a signature piece on the dining room table or in the living room.

Edge in Some Ethnic

Florals and geometric prints can have their place, however to knock things up a notch, you need some ethnic deigns. Think Arabic, African or Native American prints, carved wood or ceramic pieces. With this look a little goes a long way, so it’s enough to pick up a new rug, a couple couch or floor pillows or perhaps a blanket. Adding a few show pieces on a bookshelf or side table will wrap the look.

Texture Reduction

While textiles and layering can add warmth and variety to a room, you don’t want to overdo it on the materials used. If you’ve got wood, metal, acrylic and more all screaming for attention in one space, it’s time to calm them down. Two textures is plenty in most spaces. Relocate mixed pieces to other rooms to join their like-created brethren.

Mid-century Modern

No longer are we shabby chic, French country, American colonial, or whatever other interior design style was hot at one time. In 2015 we are Mid-century Modern. This means furnishings and design principles from roughly the 1930s to 1960s. This look embodies simplicity, natural shapes and clean lines. Get it by adding some unique light fixtures or table lamps, geometric accessories, a bar cart or any piece of furniture with fabulous thin 1950s legs.

Color the Bathroom

Stark white bathrooms are just not necessary. This is one of the easiest ways to put a bit of personality into your home. Hit the home goods store and pick up a whimsical shower curtain. Using that as your base, invest in some new towels or a rug. And we know there is some small wall space pleading for a picture. Instant pleasure makeover!

Gallery or Art Walls

Personalization of your space will never go out of style. Pick a wall and make it a museum to you. We don’t mean be egotistical, but showcase important photos, mementos and other objects from your life in a thoughtful and engaging way. If you can’t envision a wall, a simple shelf will do just fine. Alternatively, if you are an art lover, collect all the pieces big and small you have throughout your apartment. Hang them in a single space so they become their own work of art. Anything goes here – framed prints, photos, shadow boxes, clocks…lay them out on the floor first and take a photo from above to make sure the final look is one you’ll love.


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