Decorating Your Balcony with Hanging Plants

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Improve your apartment gardening endeavors with hanging plants, and turn a plain space into a vision of soothing, lush greenery with these easy balcony apartment gardening tips. 

The Placement of Hanging Plants

For a balcony with an appealing view, add a hanging plant from each side of the balcony. This frames the view in greenery and enhances the overall feeling of coziness on the porch area. For an instantly green or flowering look, choose more mature plants that are already hanging down out of the pot a foot or more. Plants such as bleeding hearts or fuschia create a burst of color when they are in bloom and pleasant greenery when they aren’t flowering. 

If the view from your balcony is not enjoyable, hang plants equally spaced across the balcony so that the hanging planters create a wall of green. Sitting out among this natural green privacy screen is much more enjoyable than staring at an unappealing view.

Add Hanging Planters to a Blank Wall

If your balcony has a blank wall, add wall hanging planters to give a sculpture-like appearance to an otherwise drab space. Many of these planters come with a metal frame with holes to place plant pots. This is a particularly attractive place to add in a few daffodil bulbs. A bright yellow flower popping out of a green hanging plant is a spring surprise that will enliven any balcony. 

Sculptures and Complimentary Plant Pots

Adding in a few planters on the ground will make the balcony even more lush and tropical feeling. Nestle in a weather-proof sculpture next to a few clustered floor plant pots to create even more lush, serene greenery. Make sure that the pots you choose are similar in style and complimentary in color and shape. All the hanging pots should be in identical pots, and the floor pots should be either the same or similar in style. If the hanging pots are modern square aluminum pots, it will look incongruent to have other pots that look like they are from old Italy–choose a theme and carry it through with everything on the balcony. 

Don’t Forget to Water

Once the plants are hung and looking beautiful, don’t forget to keep watering them. Nothing ruins a Shangri-La balcony faster that yellow or brown dying plants. The plants should be fertilized once a month as well. Many plant stores sell fertilizers that can be mixed directly into the watering can for an easy application of nutrients. 

Add Lights and Furniture

Run a string of lights in with the hanging plants to make the balcony more appealing at night. Christmas-tree style lights come in small hanging lantern styles for under $20 at many retailers, and the effect is downright magical when dusk settles on your balcony paradise. 

Add an outdoor rug to soften the space further and make it feel like an outdoor living room. A small bistro table and two chairs (with a candle in the middle for romantic outdoor dining) complete this greenery-surrounded refuge, and create a space you will want to bask in and enjoy every night!

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