Decorating Walls with Stencils

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Decorating walls with stencils is a great way to add personality and style to a room. Painting and wallpapering walls can only do so much to add your personal touch to a room while stencils can add a touch that will make any room stand out. Adding stencils to walls may sound complicated and time consuming but with a few simple tips anyone can turn a wall in to a masterpiece using stencils.

Go Shopping for Supplies

Choose stencils that will match the feel of the room and the other items in it. Using country style stencils in a modern room would not make a good match.

  • Stencil adhesive will also be needed or painters tape can also be used but is more difficult to work with.
  • Purchase stencil brushes or sponges depending on the size of the stencils to be used.
  • Paint, of course, will also be needed and can be used in the color of choice to match the decor. Stencil paints may be acrylic or oil based but acrylics are generally easier to work with.
  • Paint tray
  • Paper towels
  • Level
  • Ruler

For those stenciling for the first time, don’t choose stencils with very intricate patterns that may be a little difficult to use for beginners.

Preparing for the Stencils

Check the walls for cracks or holes. Fill them in with spackle and sand down in order to have smooth walls to start with. If painting the walls before stenciling, choose a flat paint that will make applying the stencils easier than a high gloss paint. Gather together any other supplies needed to start stenciling which may include a paint tray, paper towels, a level and a ruler.

Methods of Stenciling

A couple of different stenciling techniques can be used. Stippling is a stenciling method which uses the stencil brush to dab against the openings in the stencil. The paint is tapped down repeatedly, not brushed on. Another method of applying the paint requires brushing the paint on with a swirling motion. This method allows adding different amounts of paint in different areas of the stencil to create depth and shading but may be more difficult for those stenciling for the first time.

Planning Designs with Stencils

Decide where the stencils will be placed on the walls. Some stencils such as flowers can be applied in a random pattern over a wall while others are placed as a border along the center or top of the wall. Stencils being applied in a line like this or as a border will need to be marked out using the level and ruler. Stencils can also be applied as a focal point of a wall like a piece of art.

Applying the Stencils

Spray the back of the stencil with the stencil adhesive and apply it to the wall where the stencil will be placed. Add paint to the stencil brush or sponge but do not apply too much paint, this is one of the biggest mistakes when stenciling. Too much paint will cause the paint to seep under the edges of the stencil and create a messy look. Practice on some paper to first to see how much paint is enough.

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