Decorating Small Bedrooms with a Limited Budget

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Decorating small bedrooms can be challenging. Your bedroom deserves the most attention because it’s your place to unwind, think and escape. If you have limited space and funds, here are a few affordable ways to creatively decorate and maximize your area on a budget without compromising your design sensibility:

Create a Dynamic Centerpiece

Creating a central focal point will set the personality of your room and make a statement. This is also a good way to choose your bedroom’s color palate and will make it easier to add accessories and other key pieces. One of the most affordable ways of doing this is by using stretched canvas. Depending on the size, a durable canvas will cost you anywhere from $15 to $60. Check out your favorite paper and fabric stores because they will have a range of materials in a variety of prints, patterns and textures. Use a staple gun or strong tape if the material is light enough to cover the canvas and you’ll have your very own customized piece of wall art for your bedroom.

Storage Pieces Should Be Functional and Decorative

In a small space, every item should be both functional and decorative. Storage ottomans are a great way to organize items or hide clutter. Target carries several styles that can be use for storage and seating, or function as side tables. The Seville Rush Cube Ottoman at $39.99 is a winner because it matches well with various types of décor and has been carried by Target for several years now. With a lined interior, it keeps items safe and is perfect for stacking books or a vase to create a lively display.

Use Accent Pieces to Add the Finishing Touches

Accent pieces provide the finishing touch to any room, and they don’t take up a lot of space. Votive candle holders can be placed on any table, window sill or desk to add comfort to your bedroom; scented candles can provide aromatherapy or help set a mood. Sconces can also nicely pull a room together if used correctly. Pier 1 Imports has a variety of styles of candles and sconces that will match any aesthetic taste.

Decorate According to Your Own Taste

Your room decor can be an extension of your personality. Make it pleasing to your own eyes. Picture frames and postcards are great thematic ways to do this and usually require you to just look through your favorite albums. Ikea offers a wide selection in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes with prices ranging anywhere from $5.99 to $24.99.

Decorating a small room with a low budget doesn’t have to be limited. Remember to use functional furniture with a storage element and use vertical space like walls, shelves and counters to maximize your space. With a few smart pieces and creative thinking, you can make a room distinctively your own at little cost.

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