Decorating Ideas for Blank Walls

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If you live in a suburban area that happens to have more spacious apartments or have just moved into an apartment that is roomier than your last home, you may face the (lucky) problem of lots of blank wall space to decorate. With so many options for decorating, this often leads you to ask multiple questions, such as: How should I fill the space? Should I paint it? Hang up photos? Get more furniture? You can easily be overwhelmed with your spacious new apartment, but try to take a step back—decorating is about taking your time, gathering some ideas, and deciding what style suits you.

Determine Your Style

The first step to take when decorating is to do some browsing. Whether online or in the store, window shopping without actually making a purchase helps you to gather your thoughts and ideas first and really think about what you want. Creating an online board or even an inspiration board with magazine clippings can help you figure out what your decorating style is and give you some great ideas for how to fill up your empty area. Once you’ve gathered your ideas, take a look at what you’ve collected and see if there are any prevalent themes, such as pops of color or wood accents.

Start Small

Once your research is done and you have a better idea of what you like, you’re ready to move into the decorating phase of the process. Whether you prefer to buy new items for your home or make them yourself, it may be easier to focus on smaller areas of your apartment to start, including corners or small strips of blank space between doorways. You may find that focusing on those areas initially may feel less overwhelming and can help you ease into the process. Consider a corner table that might fit perfectly into a wall nook, or even a set of decorative hooks mounted on the wall that would be great for holding all of your house keys. Your favorite framed quote or a small framed photo or painting always goes a long way in making a place feel more like your own.

Graduate to Larger Spaces

Now that you’ve spruced up the smaller areas and are starting to feel more confident, focus your attention on those areas with lots of room on the walls. There are multiple ways you can go about decorating these spaces, but no matter what, keep in mind that the designs you choose now can always be updated or changed depending on your taste. Large collage frames are great to feature on an open wall, or you can go the DIY route and buy multiple picture frames to arrange in a fun circular or square pattern. Another option is wall decals—large walls often serve as a great canvas for these, which come in a variety of designs and can be very easily peeled off and removed if you decide you don’t want to keep them up on the walls. Tapestries or decorative rugs are great pieces to hang on the wall as well.

Options for Function Over Style

If you prefer function over style, think about getting a bookcase or a set of small matching shelves to mount on your wall that will hold all of your knickknacks. Bookcases can be arranged in a variety of ways and come in multiple colors or tones of wood to complement your space. If you’re the sporty type, bike racks or hooks to hold your gear or sports medals are a great way to show off your hobbies. If you have the option to paint and your walls could use some freshening up, an accent wall is always a nice way to make a room both cozy and functional. Don’t forget about curtains—these are a great way to make the place feel more like home and fill an empty room. Wall-mounted televisions, small or large wall clocks, and calendars are also great for filling open spots.

Consider Color Choices

Lastly, consider color when decorating– while your entire color palette does not have to match exactly in every room, if you find that you are leaning more toward muted tones, continue to decorate with that theme in mind to help tie everything in the room together. If your living room has a blue couch, for example, try to offset that color in the accents you choose for the room, such as your wall hangings and shelves. You can use similar shades to decorate or, if you already own a bright piece of furniture, you can use lighter shades to help offset the brightness of the room.

Keeping these tips in mind is a great way to ensure that you are living in a place that best represents you—and don’t forget when sprucing up your place to have fun and enjoy it!

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