Decorating a Small Space: Kitchen Solutions

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Decorating in an apartment can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with a small space. Kitchen decorating is even more so. You don’t have a lot of room to work with, and you have more appliances for the kitchen than for any other room.

Here are five solutions for making the most of a kitchen with small space.

Change Wallpaper

Your wallpaper can have a dramatic impact on the look of your kitchen. A lighter color of wallpaper can make the kitchen look more open and bright. Unless it changes the entire look of your apartment, a change in wallpaper can give a new and fresh look to the kitchen, without breaking the bank.

Make sure you get permission from landlord before changing the wallpaper.

Use Bamboo Blinds

Curtains and heavy drapery might not work for your kitchen. Bamboo curtains or other wooden blinds might be a much better solution for you. They add an exotic feel to your kitchen, and they’re also very practical. Bamboo or wooden blinds block out the sun better than a thin curtain on a hot day. They’re also a time-saver, because you don’t have to wash them as often as cloth blinds.

Minimize Furniture

Take advantage of what little space you have by minimizing the amount of furniture in the kitchen. If you can move the table and chairs into the living room and make it double as a dining room, do so. If that’s not an option, move the kitchen table against one wall, and keep only the minimum amount of chairs in the room. You’ll appreciate the extra space when you’re preparing meals.

Keep Small Appliances Hidden

If you have a built in kitchen cabinet, you should try to hide appliances. It will make your counters look more clean and uncluttered. It will also keep them in reach if you need them, even though it is out of the main line of sight. Arrange things like your pots and kettles in such a way that they’re hidden in plain sight.

Put Flowers in the Kitchen

Flowers in your kitchen make the place homey. Other plants are good too, like aloe vera. Place them on your counter or table, or even by the stove. Pick colorful flowers, ones that go well with the color of your walls, wallpaper or countertop. For example, if your wallpaper is pink and white, you will want to get pink roses and daises. Look for seasonal arrangements at a flower store, or if you don’t want to shop for flowers in the winter time, think about plants that will keep year round.

Decorating a small space kitchen has its share of challenges, but these are some simple ideas to get you started. Take ideas that people use for larger kitchens and reduce them to a smaller scale. You’ll not only transform your kitchen into a functional area, but also one that’s pleasing to the eye.

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