Decorating a Hallway: Customizable Modular Carpet Tiles

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Modular carpet tiles are a great tool for decorating a narrow or irregular space. Unlike single pieces of carpet, these small square sets of carpet pieces provide a versatile floor covering option for areas of all shapes and sizes. Building owners or others who are dealing with a hard wood, linoleum or unfinished hallway can use modular carpet tiles to quickly and easily renovate the narrow floor of this kind of interior space. These carpeting options can help protect a wood floor and absorb some of the grime and moisture that enters a building along with visitors.

Looking at Materials

Companies that are making modular carpet tiles are now looking at sustainable and customer-friendly options for making these kinds of products. Some companies use wool, an organic product that provides durable carpet tiles that will stand the test of time. Others use synthetic materials like nylon or polyester.

Choosing Patterns

For decorating a hallway, some buyers might need to select a single row of modular carpet tiles. Other hallway spaces may be able to accommodate a double or triple row of tiles. In these cases, you can create some interesting designs with solid color tiles arranged in a checker or striped pattern.

Keeping Extras on Hand

One of the main benefits of using modular carpet tiles is that minor damage doesn’t require a total renovation for the floor covering. In hallways, the first few squares may receive a lot more heavy wear from visitors entering or leaving the building. When these carpet tiles get excessively worn, torn or covered with ground-in dirt, it’s relatively easy to swap them out and leave the rest of the carpeting in place. You may want to have a variety of colored modular carpet tiles to replace pieces in a pattern.

Choose Temporary or Permanent Solutions

Modular carpet tiles that are used in some spaces, including large commercial spaces, have options for adhesives that will make these installations look like a single piece of carpet. However, in some hallways, it’s easier to use a temporary type of adhesive. Some decorators also lay down carpet pieces and leave them unfixed to the floor. For long term use, a lot of designers find it helpful to apply permanent adhesives to make sure modular carpet stays in place.

Green Options for Modular Carpet Types

As manufacturers continue to look at the most sustainable options for customers, a lot is happening with modular carpet tiles that have less of an effect on the environment. These floor covering choices can be made from reclaimed or recycled materials. Factories may also have refurbishing centers were used carpet is taken apart and reassembled into useful post-consumer content. Using sustainable materials and providing recycling options helps with what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls “source reduction” and helps conserve our natural resources.

If you’re planning on dressing up an interior hallway area, take a look at how a variety of high design modular carpet tiles may provide the solution for functional and attractive floor covering.

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